Salt,Evelyn Salt.

Friday, May 13, 2011 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

Damn I love this movie!I couldn’t stop talking about it & discussing it with my boyfriend for 30mins after I watched it!He has of course watched the movie a long time ago but one night after work I wanted to watch something so I popped in the dvd which I have put of watching for months cos’ I forgot about it.

I love this movie because she's TOUGH!I loveeee it.The pacing of the story is fast & full of action & I know,I know lots of people don't particularly like it but I find that Angelina kicked ass in this movie.She's bad ass man!Wooot!

The boyfriend was like...'Sayang,you do know that she's acting right?'..pftttttt..:P

I asked him can you name other female spy movie,he mentioned Charlie's Angel but I find them too cutesy.And since it's always about James Bond,I like this movie cos' it's about a female spy & hey,you can't watch Totally Spies all the time..:P.It reminded me of Alias as well and man do I love that tv series!

If you want a movie that's action packed,pick this!Although I'm not a particular fan of the action genre but I do love this movie cos' because people who knows me knows how pretty tough I can be & I can relate to this..bwahahaha..:P