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I love to eat.I love to cook and bake.I love people who like to eat.I love watching people cook.I read cookbooks and food blog.It makes total sense that I would enjoy watching Top Chef immensely.Top Chef is different than Masterchef because those competing are actually real chefs who have their own restaurants or have cooked professionally before.

Unfortunately,although I have heard about the show before,this is my first time watching it and I manage to watch the latest season 8 which is Top Chef All Stars.

This season consists of contestants from the previous 7 seasons that didn't quite make it in the finals and was either the runner up or 3rd and 4th place in their respective seasons.


Each episode is enjoyable and basically there are 2 challenges in each episode.One is the Quickfire whereby contestants are given a period of time spanning from 45-30 mins depending on the challenge to come up with a dish and even then there are requirements to adhere to.For example,there was one quickfire challenge whereby all the chefs couldn't use any utensils--AT ALL!

The other one is the Elimination challenge whereby the contestants will know about their challenge a day or 2 before & they'll be given a budget to shop for their ingredients & plan on what to cook.

Some of my favorite quickfire challenges was the one whereby they had to create snacks for kids that will be having sleepover at the National History Museum and the judge was Joe Jonas. The other enjoyable and adorable quickfire was when the characters of Sesame Street become the judges and the chefs have to create a cookie for them.It was sooo funny because Cookie Monster couldn't contain himself & ate the tablecloth..haha.


*The Jimmy Fallon episode*

Some of my favorite contestants are:
1)Richard Blais

No brainer as he is so focus to the point of being neurotic.And he is the winner after all(spoiler but if watch the season,you'd know that he will win!)!He's a genius in the kitchen & uses liquid nitrogen a lot of the time..haha.

2)Fabio Viviani

At first he was annoying but then he grew on me and his friendship with Richard is cute.He admires Richard a lot.And he has some of the best one liners in the season

3)Mike Isabella

Mike is funny and although he has lots of tattoo he is not that tough.It was ironic when almost at the end of the season,when the contestants had their family tree being shown to them in details,Mike is actually Antonia's cousin & no wonder they were at each other's throats all the time..ahaha.

4)Angelo Sosa

Angelo is one of the contestants or maybe the ONLY one that always make sure he looks good for the camera.He wears such impossibly tight jeans even when he has to cook!

Some of my favorite episodes are:

1)Episode 2: Night at the Museum

This was just awesome because the chef apart from creating midnight snacks for the kids,they had to cook breakfast for the parents that were picking up the kids in the morning as well.It was very funny when the other team that was headed by Tiffany who won the snack challenge,chose Carnivore ingredients for the elimination(breakfast) challenge and gave Herbivore to the other team.

They got to pick 1st & got screwed because they thought Carnivore meant you get to use flour/grains & other food items like spices as well along with it but no..they only got meat & dairy by products.The other 'losing' team got so many bountiful of fruits & veges & had the upperhand instead.

2)Episode 4: Advantage Chef

This episode was fun because the chefs competed against each other on a tennis court & it was like a tennis match as well because their dishes were pitted against each other.
Episode 9: Feeding Fallon

This episode was awesome because of the way the chefs got to pick the dishes that they're suppose to cook for Jimmy Fallon's birthday it to see how fun it was!It was also surprising to see some of the Fallon's unusual favorite dish like beef tongues!Ickk

I can't wait for season 9 of Top Chef which will premier next year or late this year since All Stars just ended in April.


Noooooooooooooooooooo! Every time I watch a cooking show I end up starving :-)

Liyana.H said...

hahaha or u'll end up snacking more like i do!*gulp*

also like to watch this show...sngat gmpak!!..suddenly i feel like want to be a chef...wah!!!..

Liyana.H said...

shahida:yes!i pon lps tgk rasa nk masak mcm2 kat dapur..hahaha