More movie reviews:Happythankyoumoreplease & Green Lantern & 2 old movies

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Previously in April I blogged about a few movie trailers that I watched & how I can't wait to watch all of the movies.So far I've watched 3 out of the 6.Have reviewed 2 of them.So here's another one from the previous POST,the movie Happythankyoumoreplease.

This movie is an indie movie so it only grosses around $215,576 because it didn't receive much publicity as the normal blockbuster movie would have had.Plus it was written and directed by an actor whom you might have known from the sitcom How I Met Your Mother,Josh Radnor or known as Ted in the series.

The movie revolves around Sam,a writer who one day while being late for an appointment regarding his novel,saw this kid in the subway whom was separated by his family.The kid's name is Rasyeen and soon Sam began to take care of him & developed a beautiful friendship.He also met a waitress named Mississippi whom he was instantly attracted to.

There's also his bestfriend,Annie an Alopecia patient who is unlucky in love.And his cousin,Mary Catherine who's dealing with her problem with boyfriend Charlie who wants to move to Los Angeles.

I like the movie a lot.Especially the bond between Sam and Rasyeen.I recommend you guys to watch this little gem of a movie..:)

Aside from Archie comics(which my mum still collects),Beano and Barbie comics(which I love when I was little),I am not really a comic's fan.My boyfriend on the other hand,is one.So he knows a lot more about the origin of this movie and the progression more than I do.

I have to say there was some really cool parts like when Hal/Green Lantern created those hot wheels or those machine guns.And plus,come on,it's Ryan Reynolds,the dude on my wish offense to Razin Yuzer whom I love very much!:P He is super hot in this movie and for the guys,there's Blake Lively who looked very 'don't mess with me' kind of woman.Loves it!

This movie still can't beat X-Men:First Class.But it was enjoyable nonetheless.

I have bought the book months before & read it before I watched the movie.And I have to say honestly that although it is a great book,the storyline is exhausting to the mind.This is because all of the characters have history or affairs with each other but all 5 of them are bestfriends.Laura and Tom used to be a couple for 5 years but now Tom is marrying Laura bestfriend's Lila.

They have a stellar cast though.Josh Duhamel,Katie Holmes,Anna Paquin,Malin Ankerman,Dianna Agron,Adam Brody,Elijah Wood,Candice Bergen and many more.The movie was directed by the book writer herself,Galt Niederhoffer.The executive producer is surprisingly,Katie Holmes!

I don't really like the movie though.haha.
The boyfriend have been promoting this movie to me to no end.I have of course known about this movie years back as I have 3 brothers and a dad whom have watched this movie as well.But I never gotten the urge to watch it because I was like a movie about a bunch of guys fighting?No thanks!haha.

But after much persistent and since the boyf have watched the Shopaholic movie with me,I watched the movie with his supervision.muahaha.The verdict?It was smart and mind blowing.An unexpected twist and after the movie ended,Razin rewinded a few parts and slowed them down so that I could see that Tyler has long existed especially during the flickering parts.

The twist was explosive because it made you question everything that you have seen throughout the movie.Never expected it!An awesome one indeed & would not have given the movie a shot if it wasn't for the boyfriend..:P


Officially 24 years old now.:)

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So,my birthday has passed.Thank you very much to those who wish me throughout the day.Thank you to lil sis for blogging THIS!:)

The boyfriend told me the night before,when we went out for sushi,that he'd take me out for dinner tomorrow on my birthday at this cafe which his little sister has been raving about because they have handsome chefs who can cook very well.And that was all.Because he said he's broke and can only take me out to dinner.hahaha

Perhaps I forget that he is just full of surprises..maybe because I didn't think much of my birthday.Plus,I already told him that I'm ordering a rainbow cake for my birthday since I have always wanted one.

Imagine my surprise when he came to my house today to pick me up,bearing this cake below,with lighted up candles...awwwww..:)..Look at the pretty candles & also the pink bead-like sugar around the the details!
*FYI,I'm wearing a lace & pearl cream cardigan from Old Blossom Box Store & Emmy Cubic princess dress & a pair of earrings from F21 that boyf gave 2me looonggg time ago*

Also they spelled my name using heart shaped confetti candy!The rainbow cake had layer of buttercream with blueberry filling..delicious!

Cut up a slice & ate it before we went out to Chic Pop..In the car,he gave me this gift that was haphazardly wrapped and said sorry that he doesn't know how to wrap gifts(he lied cos' later that night he gave me something else).

I opened it and got apron(cos his gf loves to cook!haha) which he painted with the funny words below..So literal!haha
*Showed it to my mum & dad,when Razin was at our house tonight & my mum laugh in front of him..hahaha*

After sweating bullets at Jaya One for Chic Pop,whereby I manage to snag a crop denim jacket to wear with my maxi dresses & also a topshop dress with bustier top,both for a mere rm85,we went to KJ to pick up the rainbow cake that I ordered.It was different than Razin's because it had orange cream cheese filling instead.Thank you to my friend Shukry who baked it!

*So I got not one but TWO rainbow cakes on my birthday!weeeeeee*

After picking up the cake,went to Subang Parade because I wanted to buy running shoes since I need to get back in shape,healthily!haha.Why Subang Parade?Cos' it's not crowded & since I just wanted sport shoes,not really shopping.Bought a purple+lavender pair which the boyf picked,also more Thomas Kemper Rootbeer!wooot..

And then we had dinner at Upstairs cafe which was very good.I love the fact that the chef''s was very hands on at the cafe.We order at the counter,they'll send it to your table and they will clear it up as well.The deco is pretty and cozy(should have taken more pictures),they have a case of excellent bake goods for display.

I ordered the texas beef ribs,it was my first time eating it because I'm not a meat person..more chicken or fish.But hey it's my birthday & since boyfriend is buying..haha.He ordered the lamb shank which he wiped clean.Iced peach tea for me and chocolate cream chip for him.Everything was good.
*The beef ribs came with 2 slices of baguette & also a portion of aglio was the same with the lamb shank as well*

*Razin's chocolate cream chip..very good!*

And I have been craving for a good bowl of creme brulee in a loonggg time & ecstatic when they had was super good!I will definitely come back just to have that!
*So damn creamy,thick & good..though I wish they let the sugar on top caramelized a bit more*

After dinner,he send me back & then chill a bit at my house while I cut up half the rainbow cake that I ordered,for his family.Talked a bit,and then I told him that I wanted to try on the topshop dress that I got & he said he needs to go to the car for awhile & I didn't think anything about it.

When I came out to show him the topshop dress,he gave me these:MNG dress,cardigan & also a card.Konon xtau wrap hadiah..haha.I was shocked cos' I was like with the cake,the apron & the dinner,there's more???
Tell me how can I not be obsessively in love with him pray tell?He's the sweetest thing ever.:)

So below is what he got for me though having him around and loving me the way he does every single day is quite frankly,enough for me..

Dearest Razin,you are the best and just full of surprises and you make me love you more and more every single day..:) I love you.Thank you so much for a great birthday..:))


In pictures--cos' no time to blog..haha

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Bila malas nak blog,kita pon letak la gamba2 je..hehe..

What I've been doing lately..meeting friends,dating and blah2..should blog my review on a few movies that I've watched recently--Green Latern,Happythankyoumoreplease,& many more.Will try to do so soon!

Today is my birthday..weeeeeeee!Getting a bit older and hopefully,wiser.Bring on the anti ageing cream..hahaha I kid,I kid!Thus,here are a few pics of what I've been doing lately..:)Lepaking w d boyf & Izza at Pak Li--man I haven't ate there in eons..haha..Had their hainanese chicken chop..which was gooood!
He is so funneh!:P
I love u!
The only spa that I go to has come up with their own appointment book which makes it easier for their regular customers!weeeeHaven't had sushi in weekssss & didn't go to Sunway in almost 2 months--ate a LOT last night w d boyf!
While grocery shopping with the boyf,I saw these & bought em cos I was thirsty..It was hella good..better than A&W!
On the left is my fave,soft shell crab temaki!yummahh
Have been wanting to eat this for MONTHS & finally got it last night--roasted chestnuts!
This little thing was growing in our mum planted it..isn't it pretty?Taken only using my Samsung Wave hp.But it died when the man whom my mum hire to mow our lawn,mowed it along with him!damn!Izza was fascinated by it when she slept over a few days ago.
At Razin's house with Izza!
Met these girls at Shah Alam mall whereby Nad's cousin,Nina has a kiosk there selling dresses & accessories. I bought 2 maxi dresses(the polka dot one which I'm wearing) & a ring.
Ate at Fish n Co with the boyf before watching Green Lantern!

THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR THE MANY BIRTHDAY WISHES I RECEIVED FROM EVERYONE through hp,facebook & twitter..You guys are all such wonderful people!:))


Blueberry boy bait--success!

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. The crackly looking crust is a mixture of sugar+cinnamon powder..:)

Today I tried baking the Blueberry Boy Bait....the recipe was taken from Smitten Kitchen.It was excellent!Super moist cake studded with juicy blueberries inside.I definitely recommend you guys to try out this easy recipe..:) A few pics of the cake that I bake & also,I cook Masak Lemak Kuning Jantung Pisang as well for lunch for my family.

The recipe for the cake can be seen HERE.

For the masak lemak(banana flower cooked in coconut milk) here's a recipe & I am very sorry but I don't measure my ingredients when cooking..:P

1 Banana flower(jantung pisang)--wash,cut in half & boil until it is semi soft.Cut into chunks.

Coconut milk frm 1 coconut.
A few birds eye chilli--5-6.
1 small thumb of turmeric root(kunyit hidup,not serbuk kunyit)
2 lemongrass--bash them with a pestle
A few turmeric leaves(daun kunyit)
Salt & sugar

Blend coconut milk with the chillies and turmeric root.Mix the milk with the chopped boiled banana flower in a pot.Heat up the stove.Add lemongrass & turmeric leaves.A pinch of salt & sugar.Eat with rice!:)


I want it,i want it!

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I.SAW.THIS.BRILLIANTLY.PURPLE.CAR.AND.I.WANT.IT..eventhough it means that I have to dock out a few more moolah from my monthly payment..I want it!!!arghhhhhh.It's sooo pretttttyyyyy..Parents also said I should..muehehehe..:P


Berry smitten--things I want to bake!:)

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Lately there has been an abundance of fresh berries in the supermarket.Fresh cherries,strawberries and blueberries!I am dying to try all of the recipes using berries from Smitten Kitchen.

Gonna bake the blueberry boy bait recipe from the site using blueberries that I got from boyf's sis..wooot.

Then gonna bake the strawberry cake and also the cherry brown butter bars.They all look so yummy!:))

I would also love to bake this caramelized onion tart from Baking The Book blog.Plus the lemon bars which reminded me one of my favorite cheesy movie--Nancy Drew(the one starring Emma Roberts).
Doesn't the picture of the pavlova below look pretty?Especially the raspberry sorbet--such a gorgeous rose color. I also am dying to try THIS cake recipe from Bisous a toi blog.It looks and sounded very yummy!


Who doesn't love jewelry?

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I love accesories!Jewelry in particular.It can be real,fake or costume jewelry.I'm not choosy!haha.It reminded me of someone with such a hugeeeee collection of jewelry which is Rachel Zoe.

There this article in InStyle magazine awhile back that interviewed her with her jewelry collection and boy does she have a lot!If you're like me,who watches The Rachel Zoe project religiously,you'll remember an episode in season 1 whereby she donated a lot of jewelry for this ovarian benefit thing for auction.
Eventhough in that episode,she donated a lot of her jewelry,it was only a small portion from her extensive collection.
Some of my fave jewelry line which I can't afford...yet!:P

House of Harlow

Kate Spade
Super pretty pearly butterflies!!

Binoculars necklace.haha.
Bamboo shaped bracelet!

Bamboo necklace!

Gorgeous bib necklace..

Loveee the aquamarine color!

Jewelry that are affordable and pretty that I usually buy from..

Forever 21
I love their studded earrings & necklaces..I rarely buy the bracelets because I don't wear any..I prefer their earrings&necklaces..Love their rings as well but usually none of them fits my ring finger cos' mine is very small!!

*It's a small world after all*--

The boyfriend,Razin,met my parents a few days ago and was interrogated by my dad while I was getting ready to go out with him--who ask him to fool me & came early when I thought he was just about to go out of the house to pick me up..tup tup he was already near my house..haiyaaa!..:P

Turns out,my dad know of his dad & uncle!When Razin mention his dad's name,my dad said his full name & then my dad mentioned his uncle's name as well,to which in Razin's head he was like "Please don't say Liyana is my cousin!"ahahahah.-_-

My mum even 'mengaji' quran with his uncle & has been to his grandma's house.His uncle is my dad's classmate in highschool & he still has a picture of all of them & like my mum said,Razin look a bit like his uncle.

What a small world huh?:)