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Saturday, June 11, 2011 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

I rarely do online blog shopping because sometimes I become skeptical whether they are reputable or not.Questions like will I get my items if I bank in the money?Will the item turn out just as I thought it'd be or of even worse quality?

My advice is to do a bit of research because there'll be reviews from other bloggers on their experience with certain blogshops.Have faith as well and follow your gut feeling.haha.

To give a bit of help to you girls out there who are looking for blogshops to peruse and to purchase items from,I am listing 3 of them that I have had excellent result with.:)


This blogshop have super cute accesories in the form of bake goods!So adorable!I have had the gingerbread necklace & rainbow cake earrings for a long time now & they're still in good condition.I bought them last year.

The blog owner,Esther,makes all accesories on her own.Everything is unique & one of a kind as she also only makes a few of each pieces.

I came to know about this blogshop through Jezmine's blog,as the owner of the blogshop is her close friend.In fact,my first purchase from them,I paid through Jezmine & receive the dress at her shop,one that I go to a lot..Old Blossom Box store.

They have sophisticate & sexy stuff there and I have bought 2 dresses from them & both are gorgeous.They usually have new stuffs every Sunday night.Below,are pictures of both of the dresses that I bought from Pumpkin.

3.Emmy Cubic

This blogshop sells many many dreamy and beautiful and very girlish pieces.I've been meaning to buy their items for months but never got to it.But the moment I saw this dress on their site last week,I knew I just had to have it.It's perfect!I love the roses on the top and the flouncy princessy skirt.After consulting with the boyfriend,he was like,get it!haha.

The dress arrived yesterday & they were so nice about it that I don't even have to pay the Poslaju fee!Sweet.Showed the dress to my mum & she approves as well & told me to pair it with something pink.

Go& check them out as they have many super sweet pieces..Oh,they have only have this dress in 2 colors & 1 of each & it has sold out..:P

*Ignore the awful no makeup face,focus on the pretty dress!!:P*(thanks to d boyf for taking dis pic & also of me in the red pumpkin dress)