Blueberry boy bait--success!

Sunday, June 19, 2011 Liyana Hanim 3 Comments

. The crackly looking crust is a mixture of sugar+cinnamon powder..:)

Today I tried baking the Blueberry Boy Bait....the recipe was taken from Smitten Kitchen.It was excellent!Super moist cake studded with juicy blueberries inside.I definitely recommend you guys to try out this easy recipe..:) A few pics of the cake that I bake & also,I cook Masak Lemak Kuning Jantung Pisang as well for lunch for my family.

The recipe for the cake can be seen HERE.

For the masak lemak(banana flower cooked in coconut milk) here's a recipe & I am very sorry but I don't measure my ingredients when cooking..:P

1 Banana flower(jantung pisang)--wash,cut in half & boil until it is semi soft.Cut into chunks.

Coconut milk frm 1 coconut.
A few birds eye chilli--5-6.
1 small thumb of turmeric root(kunyit hidup,not serbuk kunyit)
2 lemongrass--bash them with a pestle
A few turmeric leaves(daun kunyit)
Salt & sugar

Blend coconut milk with the chillies and turmeric root.Mix the milk with the chopped boiled banana flower in a pot.Heat up the stove.Add lemongrass & turmeric leaves.A pinch of salt & sugar.Eat with rice!:)



blueberry boy bait tue nampak bentuknya macam seram.. tapi lihat macam sedap.. lol

Liyana.H said...

seram??hahaha..seram sbb atas die tuh tabur gula+serbuk kayu manis..tu mcm terkuar2 kulit dia..mmg sedap!confirm!:P