Como estas?

Sunday, June 12, 2011 Liyana Hanim 3 Comments

The title of the post means 'How are you?' in Spanish..:)..So how are you guys?I've been busy with work,love and basically living my life.I've decided to declutter my life from a bit of negativity.Don't need to elaborate here but I feel much better now.Live life with a clear conscience as they say..:)

Basically what I've been doing everyday is go to work,then when I'm free,I spend it with the boyfriend(we see each other almost everyday!) or hanging out at home with the family and helping my mum run errands or sleeeppp..hehe.

Been eating a lot,exercising a little(none!hahaha) and watching lots of movies with the boyfriend on the comfort of the couch where we can be all snuggly and warm..:P.Watched Confessions of a Shopaholic again,but this time it's with the boyfriend because he was like,I talked about it a lot so he wanted to watch it.Verdict??He likes it!!Yeay!

And then a day later,he made me watched Fightclub with him which was mind boggling and a bit on the gory side.Ooh poor Jared Leto's face!haha.I never thought that I'd like the movie.The boyfriend also feeds me episodes of Southpark anytime we have dinner at his house.The jokes are hilarious but super gross at times..oh Cartman..tsk2.

Currently because of the fact that I lend my 100+ books for close to 3 years to Ethos,a society created by TESLians at my faculty which then branch out to include other students from the faculty & also UiTM,I have accumulated a lot of new books in my room.So now,since I have all of them back,I have no space to put them back in my room,unless I clear some of the spaces.

For now the books are in the boyfs room.My friend Moja put it in a huggeee container that when the boyf & his brother carried it into their house and I open it up,his siblings was like...what???Why do you have all this books?Razin was going all..'I don't know you...'..ahaha.Yeah yeah I'm a bookworm..:P.

Will upload pics of the books in my room & the books that's currently with the boyfriends tonight, to give you guys a look on just how much books I have..Oh to have a library of my own.hahaha.


library = home...

Hidayah said...

Li, I'm having 2 books and 3 Dvds of yours. Sorry, gimme your add k. I will post it.huhu

Liyana.H said...

ellen:u have a library in ur home or library is ur idea of home??either way,both are awesome!would love to have my own mini library in my own house someday..:)

yay:it's okay babe..mesti hang lupe la tu..hehe..