Diary of a wimpy kid 2:Rodrick Rules

Wednesday, June 08, 2011 Liyana Hanim 2 Comments

Ahhh,having male siblings,3 of them nonetheless,in the family..is not an easy thing.They are noisy,smelly and they get into squabbles every single day!Oh,they eat A LOT too & sometimes they eat your food without asking first.ish!So,watching the sequel of the wimpy kid was like a trip down memory lane because I know that my brothers are pretty similarl.

They like to prank each other,bully each other and many more.I am glad I am the only girl in the family!haha.

*About the movie*

This time around,since their mum has her own column in the newspaper,she comes up with a system on how Greg & Rodrick can bond which is by giving them 'mom bucks'.So if they do stuff together,they get more 'mom bucks'.

Rodrick of course,as the mean older brother,likes to bully Greg.But there was a few scenes in the movie whereby Greg & Rodrick are getting along especially when they had to cover up Rodrick's huge bash when their parents were away.

The movie had some great parts and lots of funny moments.I really pity Greg though because he had to go through LOTS of humiliating things being done to him throughout the movie. And then having it shown to his crush,Holly(the eery pageant looking girl which the boyf at 1st,notice how weirdly not kid-like she looked!).

Some of the laughing out loud scenes were when they were at the church,when Rodrick & Greg stayed at their grandfather's retirement home,and during Greg & Rowley's sleepover & when they watch the movie 'The Foot'--ROFLLLLL.

This is also a great movie for your brothers to watch!:)


It's got to be nice to be the only sis.

Liyana.H said...

it's nice cos i don't have to share stuffs with em'..but sometimes it gets pretty lonely