In pictures--cos' no time to blog..haha

Saturday, June 25, 2011 Liyana Hanim 1 Comments

Bila malas nak blog,kita pon letak la gamba2 je..hehe..

What I've been doing lately..meeting friends,dating and blah2..should blog my review on a few movies that I've watched recently--Green Latern,Happythankyoumoreplease,& many more.Will try to do so soon!

Today is my birthday..weeeeeeee!Getting a bit older and hopefully,wiser.Bring on the anti ageing cream..hahaha I kid,I kid!Thus,here are a few pics of what I've been doing lately..:)Lepaking w d boyf & Izza at Pak Li--man I haven't ate there in eons..haha..Had their hainanese chicken chop..which was gooood!
He is so funneh!:P
I love u!
The only spa that I go to has come up with their own appointment book which makes it easier for their regular customers!weeeeHaven't had sushi in weekssss & didn't go to Sunway in almost 2 months--ate a LOT last night w d boyf!
While grocery shopping with the boyf,I saw these & bought em cos I was thirsty..It was hella good..better than A&W!
On the left is my fave,soft shell crab temaki!yummahh
Have been wanting to eat this for MONTHS & finally got it last night--roasted chestnuts!
This little thing was growing in our mum planted it..isn't it pretty?Taken only using my Samsung Wave hp.But it died when the man whom my mum hire to mow our lawn,mowed it along with him!damn!Izza was fascinated by it when she slept over a few days ago.
At Razin's house with Izza!
Met these girls at Shah Alam mall whereby Nad's cousin,Nina has a kiosk there selling dresses & accessories. I bought 2 maxi dresses(the polka dot one which I'm wearing) & a ring.
Ate at Fish n Co with the boyf before watching Green Lantern!

THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR THE MANY BIRTHDAY WISHES I RECEIVED FROM EVERYONE through hp,facebook & twitter..You guys are all such wonderful people!:))