It's June already?

Friday, June 03, 2011 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

Time flies so fast that I can't believe it's already June and in a couple of days,it'll be 1 year that I have been working!Wow---I survive!!Even after so many of my friends have quit--how many you say?More than 10!

The pressure & the hours(means that you basically doesn't have a life) does take a toll on some people but I'm trying my best to hang in there & holding on until I truly decide on what I want to do.. preferably after I obtain my masters.

Plus,in 3 more weeks,I'll turn 24!Ayeyayay.Feel so old because by next year,I'll be 25!So many things that I want to do,places I want to go and I hope everything will fall into place.

Although sometimes I tell the boyfriend that life sucks which hurts his feelings cos' a huge part of it includes him and in no way does he sucks,no no no!Sorry!It's just that, sometimes it's hard when the hours that you work doesn't permit you to have a normal personal life.

In a week,I work 3 or 4 different hours.Don't even tell me about the lack of sleep.During lunch while people go to grab lunch,I use the precious 1 hour to sleep.hahaha.

But I know that my tenacity and perseverance will pay off.Besides I always remember what my dad told me--"What kind of job that isn't stressful?".I take my dad as a prime example.He drives everyday from our house to his office which is 1 and 1/2 hours away!NO JOKE!

I will blog about the season finale of HIMYM,Gossip Girl,Big Bang Theory,and Glee soon.Catching up with some of my favorite tv series while also reading all those books that I bought.Currently about to finish this one:

The book is so funny and yummy at the same time.haha.How?It's about Christopher Hirst(a Brit journalist) with his wife,Mrs.H,trying out different recipes and dissecting them.I learned a lot of new things from the book.About Welsh Rabbit,which is not a dish cooked with's actually cheese grilled on toast.The book is enjoyable and funny to see the difference between man & woman in the kitchen.

Above is a pic of Popia S.Ali which I have missed dearly!Haven't eaten one in monthsss so I drag the boyfriend to the pasar malam in front of my faculty recently and bought em'..The bontot ayam on the plate is his,not mine!ahaha.I loveeee popia basah S.Ali and so does my mom & my aunts.

The boyfriend was skeptical over it & he loves popia goreng so he got that & when we had our dinner,he finish all of it!woooot..hahah.And at the pasar malam they have the best putu bambu--so fluffy and soft.

Have you guys watch SNL?I have lots of episode of it cos' the boyf is a big fan & now I'm a big fan of one of the characters in the show--Stefon.He is just so hilarious!Watch a vid of him(he is a frequest guest on Seth Meyer's Weekend Update,which I love as well).