Who doesn't love jewelry?

Saturday, June 18, 2011 Liyana Hanim 2 Comments

I love accesories!Jewelry in particular.It can be real,fake or costume jewelry.I'm not choosy!haha.It reminded me of someone with such a hugeeeee collection of jewelry which is Rachel Zoe.

There this article in InStyle magazine awhile back that interviewed her with her jewelry collection and boy does she have a lot!If you're like me,who watches The Rachel Zoe project religiously,you'll remember an episode in season 1 whereby she donated a lot of jewelry for this ovarian benefit thing for auction.
Eventhough in that episode,she donated a lot of her jewelry,it was only a small portion from her extensive collection.
Some of my fave jewelry line which I can't afford...yet!:P

House of Harlow

Kate Spade
Super pretty pearly butterflies!!

Binoculars necklace.haha.
Bamboo shaped bracelet!

Bamboo necklace!

Gorgeous bib necklace..

Loveee the aquamarine color!

Jewelry that are affordable and pretty that I usually buy from..

Forever 21
I love their studded earrings & necklaces..I rarely buy the bracelets because I don't wear any..I prefer their earrings&necklaces..Love their rings as well but usually none of them fits my ring finger cos' mine is very small!!

*It's a small world after all*--

The boyfriend,Razin,met my parents a few days ago and was interrogated by my dad while I was getting ready to go out with him--who ask him to fool me & came early when I thought he was just about to go out of the house to pick me up..tup tup he was already near my house..haiyaaa!..:P

Turns out,my dad know of his dad & uncle!When Razin mention his dad's name,my dad said his full name & then my dad mentioned his uncle's name as well,to which in Razin's head he was like "Please don't say Liyana is my cousin!"ahahahah.-_-

My mum even 'mengaji' quran with his uncle & has been to his grandma's house.His uncle is my dad's classmate in highschool & he still has a picture of all of them & like my mum said,Razin look a bit like his uncle.

What a small world huh?:)


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