X-Men:First Class& also,I'm selling some of my clothes!

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Last Friday night,I went to watch X-Men:First Class with Razin.Around 6pm something he texted me saying 'jom sayang'.In my head I was like,so early?Turns out he bought the tix online at GSC in Berjaya Times Square.Because almost all TGV cinemas sold out!Even seats that we can buy online..:(

So off we went at approx 6.30 & arrived in KL around 8pm.No thanks to Federal Highway!But after Mid Valley,the traffic was smooth after that & apparently the boyf knows a road that cuts through KL & arrive right at BB..you are just full of surprises aren't you?haha.Usually he use the Smart tunnel(which we did to get back home) but that night somehow the traffic in KL wasn't bad.

I was bored throughout the traffic& I annoyed him by singing to ALL the songs being played from the modulator which are mostly 90's songs which annoys him even more.ahahaha..TOO BAD!:p

Our movie starts at 9.40pm & we took the tix, & I was bewildered by the layout of Berjaya Times Square.Seriously man it's dodgy & now I know why I haven't been there in 3 or was it 4 years?

It's disorganized & the shops are jumbled up& boyf was being all Ted Moseby-like by commenting on the poor architecture which is true..compared with Sunway Pyramid or Pavilion or even Mid Valley or OU which are more organized in terms of each floor layout.

Ate super fast at Sushi King before the movie starts & where I discovered their soft shell crab roll..I have to say that theirs are wayyyy better than Sakae sushi one's..I had 2 along with Kodomo bento..hehe.

Sooo my review on the movie?It was awesome!I love it!It's not as action packed as all of the other previous X-Men movies but the storyline,the new characters(but remember that this is a prequel so they should be 'old' characters in the previous movies) and the amazing cast makes a stellar watch.

It has been getting rave reviews all around..even from IMDB & Rotten Tomatoes & The Star(they're pretty hard on movie reviews aren't they?).

The start of the movie,about Erik's(Magneto) background was just so sad that I actually felt really sorry for him.I really really want to share more about what made him become the way he is but I won't spoil the fun for you as I truly believe that you should watch the movie.

Charles(Prof.X) relationship with Raven(watch the movie to find out who she is) was surprising as well as in the other X-Men movie,there's no indication that they practically grew up together..sad..:(

I love the friendship between Charles & Erik in the movie.They're a great match & watch out for a cameo by Hugh Jackman in one of the scenes when both of them went to search for other mutants to recruit.I love the scene whereby Charles taught Erik how to move the satellite.It was very moving..

Some of the charactes to watch are:

Emma Frost who has astonishing powers--she has 2!A super funny & gross scene is whereby she made this Soviet general into believing that he was making out with her but turns out he was making out with himself.hahaha

Sean/Banshee was hilarious when he learned how to fly.

There's the satan Azazel which is just super fast & creepy & has ability to teleport which I'm so jealous of but I wouldn't want to have a bright red pointy tail!haha.

Angel who has wings and acidic spit.Her back,when the wings sprouted out,looks really creepy!(Played by Zoe Kravitz who's Lenny Kravitz's daughter.Also the her mom is the actress Lisa Bonet--The Cosby Show & High Fidelity)

Havok is pretty cool too!So sad that previously he was jailed for his ability.He's pretty cute as well..a scene between him,Charles & the nuclear proof basement in Charles's house was hilarious!

Darwin ability to adapt to his surroundings is cool as well..though something happened to him in the movie..

Beast is pretty cute in his young human form as in the previous X-Men movie,he was well,beast-like.haha.

The not that well known but handsome with swishy Anuar Zain-former long hair look,is Riptide which you'll know what ability he has from his name.

And last,but not least is the mean villain which is Sebastian Shaw.Urggh I despise him!He is a mean old man who wants to look young forever and of course,to create war!
All in all,it was a very good movie.And it explained a lot about how Magneto became the way he is.Where he got that 'cool' helmet.How Prof.X become wheelchair bound and the fact that he did love someone back then.

It made me want to watch all of the other X-Men movies again & of course my victim will be the boyfriend as I always ask him to download a bunch of stuffs for me..hehe.He has unifi & when I went to his house,it'll take like 15/20 mins to download 1 episode of a series!Aliveeee!haha.

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