A few words to live by

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Happy ramadhan & fasting!

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It's the holy month of ramadhan & I would like to take this opportunity to wish all of my muslim friends happy fasting(not feasting I hope).Here's hoping that we would become a better person during this holy month and refrain/abstain from our vices,whatever they maybe.:)

Managed to finally get my fill of sushi after about a month or so of not eating them--growth!(because I tend to spend too much on food than I should which worries the boyf..haha).

I cooked & baked so many things last night & today.Red velvet cupcake order,cream scones,honey cake & mee rebus!Phewww...Glad everyone loved everything that I made..my friends,my family,my grandma,aunts & cousins,my boyfriend and his family as well

Busy with everything that I didn't get to take a picture of the honey cake which was very very moist and I made them using THIS recipe.The mee rebus was finished off by my family and I forgot to take picture of the one I gave to Razin's family.

Selamat berpuasa!:)


Just pictures.:)

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*Our matching socks!:P*

Been awol for a few days,for good reason.Been here and there a bit.Life is beautiful & blissful..:) A few pics of what I've been doing,eating & blah2.Enjoy your weekend!


Me loves baking

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So I baked 2 more goods last night.One recipe for Coconut Macaroons (which people tend to confuse with macaron!2 totally different bake goods!)was taken from Baking The Book while the other,Mom's Apple Cake was taken from Smitten Kitchen.I just love trying out new recipes because I want to see the end result and how it would taste like and plus I love sharing what I bake with my family and my love:)

Currently I am in the midst of watching the 1st season of Top Chef Just Desserts and the consensus that was given by most of the pastry chef is that baking is harder than cooking because you can't 'fix' your dish once it's in the oven.It's all about being precise and on point with your measurement of ingredients.

That is why it took me a long time to be able to be quite good in baking as I am used to cooking without following a recipe precisely.Baking is different because if you make a tiny mistake in any of the baking steps,your recipe will not work.

Quoting one of the contestants in Top Chef Just Desserts.."Pastry is a science.You can't just wing it."

Now I love baking and when I have the time,I'll try out new recipe.I have a pretty stocked baking cabinet filled with lots of ingredients.Golden syrup,honey,fine sugar,brown sugar,& blah2.I do spend a lot of my pay on buying groceries---although I do live with my parents,since I've been working for a year now,I buy groceries using my own pay..don't want to be a freeloader!:P

Below are the pics of the apple cake that I baked and the coconut macaroons!:)


It's the weekend!

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What do you usually do on the weekend?Well I will usually wake up late,do a little bit of baking or cooking cos' I can't do so during the weekdays.And then in the evening,I'll spend time with the boyfriend..it's not like we don't see each other everyday,we do.

But even after 1 day of not seeing each other--happened yesterday because I was out with my mum & lil bro' the whole day,doing a bit of shopping(since I was on leave yesterday which was rare in my case)--,we'll start missing each other.
*Pic taken today when I went to Tesco Xtra with him & his mum..I fit into the trolley cos' it's the long one..:PP*

He called me up at random hour at night just to ask what I was doing & me,being a bit slow on things didn't know that it was his 'code' of missing me..which he explained after.*sigh* Love is truly one of the best feelings on earth!

Okay enough about loveeeee let's focus on other things!

I tried this recipe from Baking The Book which is the strawberry sour cream cake upside down cake. It was a success!My first time using both sour cream & also almond extract in a cake.It certainly didn't taste like your normal cake.
The cake glistening with strawberries(the gloss like effect was due to butter + brown sugar which is the base for the berries).

Oh,I had lele penyet again this week & this time around,the boyfriend ordered the same thing.haha.

New beauty products!!I love trying new beauty products..Here are two which are new in the market & I'm currently using--Body Shop Body Butter duo in Macadamia for me & Sweet Pea(not in the pic) for my mum.BTW,if you have a Maybank credit card,you can use it there & get 50% off on your second Body Butter duo--which is what I did!
Maybelline came out with Hyper Sharp liner which is long due since Kiss Me makeup by Japan sold theirs at Watson long time ago & I've been using that since last year.But I bought this one since I'm running out of the Kiss Me one & I've to say it's pretty good.Smooth & waterproof!Today I went to 3K stadium in Subang for APYN Youth Ambassadors 2011 that was held by some of my friends.Haven't seen some of them in a long time.Particularly Fa who was there to paint shoes for bidding to give money for charitable causes.
*Look how pretty the shoe she designed just now!*
*Izza,Fa,Me & Acap(fa's boyfriend)*
And yes,my hair is back to black now!

*Letters of Hope wall*

*Bought the blue flats there--for only rm35 & it's super comfy since it has cushioned sole*

Bought a few other stuffs there as well as they have quite a number of awesome vintage & also blogshops stall.I bought 2 new dresses--one of them is the mint green shown above.A feather necklace with a huge butterfly.A pair of sunnies.A vintage feather top(pic above) & also a pretty knit hoodie!

The best thing was I got everything(2 dress,1 top,a hoodie,a pair of flats,a necklace & a pair of sunnies) for only rm195!Crazyyyyy bargain!:)

A day left before the weekend ends but I won't be working on Monday!so yeayyyy.haha..I might be going to cheer comp 2011 though!Have a great Sunday everyone!:)


Colorful hair

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I wish I have the guts to color my hair like the ones in this post.FYI,I just colored my hair back to black a few hours ago,thanks to boyfriend who helped me pick out the color brand & then his lil sis for helping me dye my hair.It feels and look totally different.I haven't had my hair in black for almost a year!
Now I feel bored and plain and maybe,just maybe I want to dye the tip/ends of my hair in 2 or 3 colors.hehe.Will my parents kill me for it?Nahhh but they might make a face though.haha.


Working yourself up for nothing

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People who knows me from the outer appearance and mannerism will deemed me as being cheerful and upbeat.Little that they know,for people who are super close to me like my family members and my boyfriend,knows a different side of me.The side whereby I worry so much about little things and how negative I can be on a lot of things as well.

Case in point.:

Last Friday,I got of work early(on Friday work ends at 4.45pm) and went to watch Harry potter with the boyfriend as he bought the tix a week before.The movie starts at 7.30pm.But due to some unforeseen circumstances,although we left his place around 5.40-ish like that(I had to bathe & change clothes),we were on NKVE at 7.10 pm.

No thanks to the laundromat being closed(he had to send his dad's clothes there for pressing/ironing) and then this bloody stupid cop who asked him to make a freaking U-turn(long story) because of traffic when he could have easily let us go through--I hate you,you fat cop!(sorry but he was just being mean that time!).

So we could have been at OU earlier and had dinner first but instead it took us more than an hour to get out of Shah Alam because of traffic.I was a huge basket case ALL THE WAY to OU.I was sulking,complaining to no end,crying and going all " we're so not going to make it to the cinema".But throughout all that,Razin was calm,collected and didn't scream to my face or thrown me out of the car.

He even tried to cheer me up by saying that we'll make it in time & even tried to bet with me but I was having none of it and I was very grumpy.He had to handle all that while having to navigate his way through the traffic.

Even when the cop asked him to do a U-turn & go back to where we started,he didn't get mad like I did(I was fuming & imaging running over the cop).He just said 1 or 2 expletives(haha) and then let it go.During that moment,I really admired him because if it was me,it would have been one wayyyy different scenario.

That time was one of my worst moments ever but he took it all in stride and was able to handle me.And we arrived at OU around 7.50,went straight to the cinema & when we went in,lo and behold,it was still SHOWING THE ADVERTISEMENT!hahahahah.GOOD LORD!I was so happy and went to the loo first and apologize profusely to the boyf for being negative over nothing.SIGH..

That incident reminded me to try atleast to change and not get myself all worked up and so negative over nothing.THINK POSITIVE THINK POSITIVE THINK POSITIVE.

It also made me realize something about Razin and the future that won't be shared here because it's just between us.

He's just been truly great to me.I feel very blessed.:)

Baby,I know you'll be reading this so I just want to say,thank you for loving me at my screaming worst.hahaha.I love you.


What songs are you listening to now?

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I do listen to a lot of different songs..I don't have a particular specific genre of music that I am very much into..I listen to whatever I love and the range is wide..I have this same musical connection with the boyfriend though his interest are farrrrr more diverse than mine.

Here are some of the songs that I love currently and are listening to quite often,especially when I drive back and forth from work.

1.Friday Nights by Lily Allen

This song is pretty old but I just love the cool vibe and especially the "don't mess with me b&%$h" lyric..i.e from the song:Look me up and down,I don't make a sound..There's a lesson that I want you to learn,If you're gonna play with fire then you're gonna get burned..

2.C'mon by Panic! at the disco & Fun

Was introduced to this song by Razin's lil brother Raidi and him.I love the super happy vibe of the song and of course the mash up of their beautiful voices.Particularly love the melody around 2.22 onwards,if I'm not mistaken.

"C’mon, c’mon, with everything falling down around me
I’d like to believe in all the possibilities"

3.Young Love by Mystery Jets feat Laura Marling

I love the old fashioned sound of the song.Laura Marling to me,sounded like when Scarlett Johannson sing.I really love her part!I find the lyric to be really cute as well..oh to be young and in love(I am in love,but I am not really young anymore am I?hahah)..

"if i only knew your name i'd go from door to door,
searching all the crowded streets for the face that i once saw,
if i only knew your name i'd go from door to door,
tell em have you seen the girl i met just once before"

4. The stupid things by Robin Thicke

A very sweet song sang by the man with the silky smooth sexy voice,Robin Thicke.Though when the boyfriend sang it to me,it was enough to make me melt..:P

"All the stupid things I do have absolutely no reflection on
How I feel about you"

5.When will my life begin by Mandy Moore

This song is from one of my fave current disney movie.It is so cheerful and upbeat and always put a smile on my face especially when I listen to it in the morning..:)

6.Ready to go by Panic! at the disco

I love the video for this song!Especially Brendon Urie cool dance moves..hahaha.

7.Back to Black by Santana(Naya Rivera) from GLEE!

A super sexier version of the song by Santana from Glee & dare I say, a better one at that?

8.Faith(when I let you down) by Taking Back Sunday

Listened to this song because the boyfriend keep singing it to himself and this video is pretty funny..watch it!hahaha

9.Go your own way by GLEE! cast

I love this female version of the song by Rachel from Glee as previously it was sung by Fleetwood Mac.The song was inspired by THIS incident happening in the band.

10.Don't you remember by Adele

A very sad and beautiful song.I love love her voice!

11.F&%* you by Lily Allen

This is a great song when you're angry with anything that's related to your work,life and etc.hahaha.Because she sang those expletives in such a cheery and cute way.I like imagining the faces of the people that I dislike while singing this song in the car..*evil laugh*


Durian breath

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I love durian!It was instilled inside of me this love for the king of the fruits that some people find as stinky,by my parents,grandparents,aunts,uncles & cousins.My late grandpa on my mum's side,ate durian with rice & coconut milk with a sprinkle of sugar.Or nenek will make serawa/lempuk durian which we eat with Gardenia bread or roti jala.

I love durian ice cream.Or doughnut filled with durian cream.
Or even,durian popcorn-ish snack(razin have tried it & he love it as well!).

But if you eat too much of it,your whole body will start to heat up or worse,you'll feel dizzy(from all the calories) or get a fever.ALL of which has happened to me which goes to show how much of durian I have consumed.hehe.

What inspired this post on durian?Well last night,Razin's mum bought a whole huge container of durian from a dusun.It was rm2 for 1 kilo.Super cheap and super delicious!Looking at the amount of durian,all nicely stacked in the container,got me going like whoaaa.hahaha.

Look at the amount of durian below.....

Durian comaaaa!!!!


Stinky boys

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I have a very very sensitive sense of smell.So I can smell something bad very quickly and I will not like it. Malaysian pickles i.e "jeruk",tempoyak,trash,body odor and many more..these smell will make me scrunch up my nose in disgust.

Yesterday something funny happened between me,the boyfriend and a few teenage boys.Sometimes boys don't wear deodorant and they don't even notice that they stink.So the boyfriend notice how these boys 'scent' was disturbing me.

Afterwards,when they weren't there anymore we had this funny conversation.

Me:I am not giving birth to boys.They stink!I'm going to make sure that I control my body somehow to just give birth to girls.

Boyfriend:*puppy dog eyes* Alaaa,we'll give them deodorant when they're still babies so that they'll learn earlier on.We'll tell them not to drink the bottle though cos' some of them might look like milk bottles.




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It is quite rare for me to not blog for more than a week but hey,I'm far too busy lately with life.haha.Been awol for awhile here,so I'll just write a short one of what I've been doing with my life and hope all of you guys are doing fine..:)


Went to watch the last Harry Potter movie in 3D--Deathly Hallows part 2, with the boyfriend last night.Though it wasn't super awesome,I love it.I didn't like the ending because it was so-so.But it was very enjoyable & I'd love to watch the movie again just because I'm sad that it has ended.

IMDB gave it 8.7/10 so it was a good movie!For a Harry Potter fan who read the books years back,I think it did it justice.It is presumptuous to think that the movie has to follow the book to a T when even Peter Jackson didn't follow LOTR book 100%.A movie and a book has a totally different audience so keep that in mind.

There was sad part,sweet part,funny part and many more.I love it when Ron chased Draco & his buddies & saying something like''Oy that's my girlfriend you idiot"--cos' finally Hermione & him got together on screen!(in the book their chemistry was much earlier--my fave book is still The Goblet of Fire but the movie version was a bit disappointing).

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills
ANTM Cycle 16--winner Brittany

Been hooked on a few reality tv shows(Survivor & ANTM) which the boyf isn't particularly happy about especially with Real Housewives of Beverly Hills because they're all about plastic surgery and spending crazy amount of money.Whenever I explain about an episode to him,he'll be like, "Sayangggg!!"...you'd think that's sweet but not when he uses a 'please don't tell me more about this show' tone of voice.haha!

I do think that Kelsey's wife(now ex-wife since the show was taped last year) Camille is super weird & crazy & she has the crazy eyes(remember Barney's theory in HIMYM?haha).A lot of them look like they've done too many plastic surgery on their face and boobs.Taylor botox her face too much man & she spend like 60k or was it 70k on her 4 YEAR OLD birthday party..-__-

I like Kyle and Adrienne the most as they're not as jaded.Adrienne is the richest woman of them all but she's all about her family and business.

3)Been eating so much of red velvet froyo with fruit loops from Tutti Frutti.I think I've been eating them far too many times now.haha

Also,lele penyet(ikan keli/catfish) from Ayam Penyet Ria which I've ate 5 times in 2 weeks!Crazy!hahaha.I just loveee their spicy sambal.Tapau food from there & ate at sayang's house four times & we even ate there once but I was hungry & gobbled everything up so the lovely plated food didn't get captured by me..haha.
*Sayang & our soda gembira!*
I ate A&W coney dog & onion rings TWICE this week..aiyoooo..Better get back on my fitness next week!Razin,let's go!:P

*Loveee the melty mozzarella cheese!*
*Homemade bolognaise!*
Baked lots of lasagna last week--1 huge tray for the family and another one for sayang's family.All of them love it!I have been baking lasagna since my high school days so I know they're pretty delicious when I make them..:P Gonna bake a lot more tomorrow since my brother is back & he insist on having it.

5)Spending time with the boyfriend everyday this WHOLE month something which I've not done for months because of my work.Every single day because come next month,my work schedule will be back to odd times.Which means,I can't do that anymore.*sigh*We wore outfits that we bought for each other last night..awwww..:P
*Watched Enchanted the extended version with him one night..and after the movie ended,he was singing some of the songs!hahaha*

6)Scheduled a MOS in September.MOS stands for Minor Oral Surgery.YIKES!Have to take out the back tooth from my bottom teeth,at the right side,because it is affecting the tooth next to it & is making a hole & splitting it into 2!Ayeyayay.

Last year I had MOS done on the last tooth on my left side of the bottom teeth and it was loooong and after the anesthetic wears off,I was in pain & there was so much blood!

Okay I guess this post wasn't really short after all..hahaha.:)

And ooh,my nails are sparkly purple these past few days & it's not OPI,it's from Rimmel which cost me only 11.90..sweeet!:)