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It is quite rare for me to not blog for more than a week but hey,I'm far too busy lately with life.haha.Been awol for awhile here,so I'll just write a short one of what I've been doing with my life and hope all of you guys are doing fine..:)


Went to watch the last Harry Potter movie in 3D--Deathly Hallows part 2, with the boyfriend last night.Though it wasn't super awesome,I love it.I didn't like the ending because it was so-so.But it was very enjoyable & I'd love to watch the movie again just because I'm sad that it has ended.

IMDB gave it 8.7/10 so it was a good movie!For a Harry Potter fan who read the books years back,I think it did it justice.It is presumptuous to think that the movie has to follow the book to a T when even Peter Jackson didn't follow LOTR book 100%.A movie and a book has a totally different audience so keep that in mind.

There was sad part,sweet part,funny part and many more.I love it when Ron chased Draco & his buddies & saying something like''Oy that's my girlfriend you idiot"--cos' finally Hermione & him got together on screen!(in the book their chemistry was much earlier--my fave book is still The Goblet of Fire but the movie version was a bit disappointing).

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills
ANTM Cycle 16--winner Brittany

Been hooked on a few reality tv shows(Survivor & ANTM) which the boyf isn't particularly happy about especially with Real Housewives of Beverly Hills because they're all about plastic surgery and spending crazy amount of money.Whenever I explain about an episode to him,he'll be like, "Sayangggg!!"'d think that's sweet but not when he uses a 'please don't tell me more about this show' tone of voice.haha!

I do think that Kelsey's wife(now ex-wife since the show was taped last year) Camille is super weird & crazy & she has the crazy eyes(remember Barney's theory in HIMYM?haha).A lot of them look like they've done too many plastic surgery on their face and boobs.Taylor botox her face too much man & she spend like 60k or was it 70k on her 4 YEAR OLD birthday party..-__-

I like Kyle and Adrienne the most as they're not as jaded.Adrienne is the richest woman of them all but she's all about her family and business.

3)Been eating so much of red velvet froyo with fruit loops from Tutti Frutti.I think I've been eating them far too many times now.haha

Also,lele penyet(ikan keli/catfish) from Ayam Penyet Ria which I've ate 5 times in 2 weeks!Crazy!hahaha.I just loveee their spicy sambal.Tapau food from there & ate at sayang's house four times & we even ate there once but I was hungry & gobbled everything up so the lovely plated food didn't get captured by me..haha.
*Sayang & our soda gembira!*
I ate A&W coney dog & onion rings TWICE this week..aiyoooo..Better get back on my fitness next week!Razin,let's go!:P

*Loveee the melty mozzarella cheese!*
*Homemade bolognaise!*
Baked lots of lasagna last week--1 huge tray for the family and another one for sayang's family.All of them love it!I have been baking lasagna since my high school days so I know they're pretty delicious when I make them..:P Gonna bake a lot more tomorrow since my brother is back & he insist on having it.

5)Spending time with the boyfriend everyday this WHOLE month something which I've not done for months because of my work.Every single day because come next month,my work schedule will be back to odd times.Which means,I can't do that anymore.*sigh*We wore outfits that we bought for each other last night..awwww..:P
*Watched Enchanted the extended version with him one night..and after the movie ended,he was singing some of the songs!hahaha*

6)Scheduled a MOS in September.MOS stands for Minor Oral Surgery.YIKES!Have to take out the back tooth from my bottom teeth,at the right side,because it is affecting the tooth next to it & is making a hole & splitting it into 2!Ayeyayay.

Last year I had MOS done on the last tooth on my left side of the bottom teeth and it was loooong and after the anesthetic wears off,I was in pain & there was so much blood!

Okay I guess this post wasn't really short after all..hahaha.:)

And ooh,my nails are sparkly purple these past few days & it's not OPI,it's from Rimmel which cost me only 11.90..sweeet!:)


purple is my fave colour

Liyana.H said...

me too!!and lavender as well..which is muted purple..:P