Durian breath

Tuesday, July 19, 2011 Liyana Hanim 2 Comments

I love durian!It was instilled inside of me this love for the king of the fruits that some people find as stinky,by my parents,grandparents,aunts,uncles & cousins.My late grandpa on my mum's side,ate durian with rice & coconut milk with a sprinkle of sugar.Or nenek will make serawa/lempuk durian which we eat with Gardenia bread or roti jala.

I love durian ice cream.Or doughnut filled with durian cream.
Or even,durian popcorn-ish snack(razin have tried it & he love it as well!).

But if you eat too much of it,your whole body will start to heat up or worse,you'll feel dizzy(from all the calories) or get a fever.ALL of which has happened to me which goes to show how much of durian I have consumed.hehe.

What inspired this post on durian?Well last night,Razin's mum bought a whole huge container of durian from a dusun.It was rm2 for 1 kilo.Super cheap and super delicious!Looking at the amount of durian,all nicely stacked in the container,got me going like whoaaa.hahaha.

Look at the amount of durian below.....

Durian comaaaa!!!!


I like durian but I can't see why people go nuts over it. Guess you've got to be Malaysian to understand that.

Liyana.H said...

maybe it's like a national treasure?hahahaha i don't go nuts over it but if it's there,i'll eat it..i don't know how to buy them unless they're prepack at the supermarket.