It's not only a good thing,it's almost surreal..:)

Saturday, July 02, 2011 Liyana Hanim 4 Comments

*Lawan hidung sape lebih mancung..hahahaha*

As most people know,I'm very attached/joint at the hip with my boyfriend.I never thought I'd be those kind of people that I used to think were a bit nauseating.haha.Well I guess back then I never really knew what love was or how it felt being treated the way you should in a relationship and experiencing unconditional love.

When I fall,I fall hard and like what my mum told my bestfriend Izza during their conversation when I wasn't present(I was at work),I am the type who 'would give the moon and the stars to the person I love'.haha.

Sorry to those who were nauseated by us and over what I share here or on my fb/twitter.But for once in my 23 years of living,I met someone whom truly and honestly treats me very well and makes me feel love and happy and I don't have to sugarcoat anything to anyone.

So,the boyfriend has been away for his highschool reunion(S.T.A.R old boys weekend) since yesterday morning with his dad&younger brother(both are S.T.A.R alumni as well)and I miss him so.He'll be back tomorrow though.But still I'll probably get to see him on Monday after work..:(

He's a really really great boyfriend and bestfriend.Not only that,he is a great son and brother as well to his family.We've been together for quite sometime now and I have no complaints at all.

Recently,because I was having a bad day,he actually stayed by my side to make sure I didn't go somewhere random and we went out the whole day from early morning till night eventhough he haven't slept the night before(he has trouble sleeping and woke up around 5pm during weekdays for our jogging session).

Imagine waking up at 5pm something and then sleeping at 12am THE NEXT DAY.He didn't sleep for more than 24 HOURS because of me..that's love baby!haha.

Just by being there,it was more than enough for me.He doesn't need to give me fancy things or bring me to fancy places,because those are merely material gains--I've even went grocery shopping with him & his mum,twice & even that was,I know we can be anywhere but as long as we have each other,we'll have a great time..:).

His comfort and warmth and the fact that he always know how to make me feel love is worth more than gold.So to my dear readers out there,wish us all the best okay!:))



mudahan sampai ke jinjang pelamin.. ehehe..

Liyana.H said...

terima kasih byk2 encik tikus!!amin..:)

awesome couple~

Liyana.H said...

thank u dear..:)