It's the weekend!

Sunday, July 24, 2011 Liyana Hanim 2 Comments

What do you usually do on the weekend?Well I will usually wake up late,do a little bit of baking or cooking cos' I can't do so during the weekdays.And then in the evening,I'll spend time with the's not like we don't see each other everyday,we do.

But even after 1 day of not seeing each other--happened yesterday because I was out with my mum & lil bro' the whole day,doing a bit of shopping(since I was on leave yesterday which was rare in my case)--,we'll start missing each other.
*Pic taken today when I went to Tesco Xtra with him & his mum..I fit into the trolley cos' it's the long one..:PP*

He called me up at random hour at night just to ask what I was doing & me,being a bit slow on things didn't know that it was his 'code' of missing me..which he explained after.*sigh* Love is truly one of the best feelings on earth!

Okay enough about loveeeee let's focus on other things!

I tried this recipe from Baking The Book which is the strawberry sour cream cake upside down cake. It was a success!My first time using both sour cream & also almond extract in a cake.It certainly didn't taste like your normal cake.
The cake glistening with strawberries(the gloss like effect was due to butter + brown sugar which is the base for the berries).

Oh,I had lele penyet again this week & this time around,the boyfriend ordered the same thing.haha.

New beauty products!!I love trying new beauty products..Here are two which are new in the market & I'm currently using--Body Shop Body Butter duo in Macadamia for me & Sweet Pea(not in the pic) for my mum.BTW,if you have a Maybank credit card,you can use it there & get 50% off on your second Body Butter duo--which is what I did!
Maybelline came out with Hyper Sharp liner which is long due since Kiss Me makeup by Japan sold theirs at Watson long time ago & I've been using that since last year.But I bought this one since I'm running out of the Kiss Me one & I've to say it's pretty good.Smooth & waterproof!Today I went to 3K stadium in Subang for APYN Youth Ambassadors 2011 that was held by some of my friends.Haven't seen some of them in a long time.Particularly Fa who was there to paint shoes for bidding to give money for charitable causes.
*Look how pretty the shoe she designed just now!*
*Izza,Fa,Me & Acap(fa's boyfriend)*
And yes,my hair is back to black now!

*Letters of Hope wall*

*Bought the blue flats there--for only rm35 & it's super comfy since it has cushioned sole*

Bought a few other stuffs there as well as they have quite a number of awesome vintage & also blogshops stall.I bought 2 new dresses--one of them is the mint green shown above.A feather necklace with a huge butterfly.A pair of sunnies.A vintage feather top(pic above) & also a pretty knit hoodie!

The best thing was I got everything(2 dress,1 top,a hoodie,a pair of flats,a necklace & a pair of sunnies) for only rm195!Crazyyyyy bargain!:)

A day left before the weekend ends but I won't be working on Monday!so yeayyyy.haha..I might be going to cheer comp 2011 though!Have a great Sunday everyone!:)


awesome stuff u got there...!!!

Liyana.H said...

aku syorkan eyeliner tu babe..mmg best!hehe