Let's get physical!

Friday, July 01, 2011 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

*'Tired' after my FIRST session*..:P

In an attempt to become more healthy and also lose a few pounds in the process,the boyfriend has been making sure that I walk/jogged everyday with him in the evening,ever since I finally bought running shoes on my birthday.Since I bought running shoes,he says there's absolutely no excuse for me to not make full use of it.ahaha

Although the portion of foods that I eat in a day is not big,I eat many different foods everyday and sometimes the calories add up.So at the rate I'm going,I have to make a change with my diet in order to be able to enjoy food and also stay healthy since not everyone has a high metabolic rate and it slows down with age as well.
*My adorable guy took of his shoes after our looooong walk because he forgot to bring socks & didn't stopped for one bit because he wanted to teman me the whole way through & make sure that I didn't quit..:))*

I felt a bit better about myself in general because of this new routine.We would walk for an hour with a few jog sprints in between because he wants my body to slowly adjust to it.It is so sweet of him because eventhough I complain that I'm tired or blah2,he would actually motivate me and would not let me stop from walking or jogging or he'll hold my hand and walk me through it..:)

This week we did cardio for FOUR days straight and now my ankles hurt a bit but it's all good.On the way to get fit!yeahhhhh..Need to control my eating habits as well because I just eat whatever I want.

Case in point yesterday I had Starbucks caramel latte for breakfast with a chicken mushroom pie.And then pineapple fried rice for lunch with salmon yakitori.Ate Delectable by Su giant caramel latte macaron during Transformers 3D at Garden's Signature GSC.Shared a beard's papa vanilla cream puff with Razin( he has never tried it before so I only had 2 bites of it..haha).Then shared Ireland's potato special cheddar fries(SO DAMN GOOD!!).

And ate this amazzzingggg huge karipap pusing at this kiosk below The Gardens.ALL of this food was consumed in front of the boyfriend that he was like sayang,don't ruin your hardwork for the past 4 days!hahaha.GODDDDD!!I am a monster!To satiate you guys so that you'll eat more than me,below are a few pics of food that I've been eating lately..hehehe..:PP

There's suppose to be more pics, believe me!But nowadays I get so hungry that I devour/gobble them up before I can take any,which I laughed at with the boyfriend because I used to take a picture of everything that I ate.I think it's better to do so(taking pics of food) because it makes you stop and admire it first and take your time before eating them.Should do that more!
*Haven't ate nasi kerabu in a loooong time.. bought this at the pasar malam.There's ikan keli masak sambal with it as well..lipsmacking good!*
*Helped the boyf roll these spring rolls & samosas(which he learned how to fold through youtube in matter of minutes cos' the night before,his sister tried to shaped it into a samosa & failed..haha)with filling made by his mother..it is so delicious!I have gotten these yummy morsels twice to bring home in neat frozen packs(which at first I thought was storebought)because my mum loves it as well.*
*Putu bambu I love youuu..haha*
*Breakfast w Razin---Caramel Latte,Choc Cream Chip & Noir cake*
*Giant Caramel Latte macaron from Delectable by Su*
*California roll & salmon yakitori at The Garden's Food Garden..the salmon sauce was awesome!*
*Pineapple fried rice set at Food Garden*