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Monday, July 25, 2011 Liyana Hanim 4 Comments

So I baked 2 more goods last night.One recipe for Coconut Macaroons (which people tend to confuse with macaron!2 totally different bake goods!)was taken from Baking The Book while the other,Mom's Apple Cake was taken from Smitten Kitchen.I just love trying out new recipes because I want to see the end result and how it would taste like and plus I love sharing what I bake with my family and my love:)

Currently I am in the midst of watching the 1st season of Top Chef Just Desserts and the consensus that was given by most of the pastry chef is that baking is harder than cooking because you can't 'fix' your dish once it's in the oven.It's all about being precise and on point with your measurement of ingredients.

That is why it took me a long time to be able to be quite good in baking as I am used to cooking without following a recipe precisely.Baking is different because if you make a tiny mistake in any of the baking steps,your recipe will not work.

Quoting one of the contestants in Top Chef Just Desserts.."Pastry is a science.You can't just wing it."

Now I love baking and when I have the time,I'll try out new recipe.I have a pretty stocked baking cabinet filled with lots of ingredients.Golden syrup,honey,fine sugar,brown sugar,& blah2.I do spend a lot of my pay on buying groceries---although I do live with my parents,since I've been working for a year now,I buy groceries using my own pay..don't want to be a freeloader!:P

Below are the pics of the apple cake that I baked and the coconut macaroons!:)



huyoo nampak sedap.. kalau jual kompem i beli.. boleh buat bekal kuih raya.. hehe..

Liyana.H said...

memang sedap!nak order boleh2..hehe

Don't come near me, promise! These look far too tempting :-)

Liyana.H said...

haha i'll gladly bake em for u & ur pets ellen..:)