Movie review--Transformers:Dark of the Moon

Sunday, July 03, 2011 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

Honestly,I have not watch the first and second installment of the transformers.So my opinion in this post is solely based on the third installment with no comparison between the first & the second movie.I have to say it was a good movie.Still not as great as X-Men:First class,but I enjoyed it.

The boyfriend wanted to watch it one morning so we went to The Gardens because his little sister's working at A/X there,so we dropped her off.Managed to try a few stuffs there but even after 40% off(her sis has staff discount),it was still muy expensivo.A bit jealous cos' the boyfriend got a hoodie which was 60% off.damn!

So we watched the movie in 3D at GSC Signature whereby I saw Gavin Yap with his date there in the same theater.hehe.The hall was packed!

The movie was full of action.Witwicky's character is funny and sometimes scary especially when he is mad.There was a part whereby I almost wanted to cry which involved Bee & Witwicky.And I have to say that although it was a bit corny at times,there were some tender moments between Carly and Witwicky.

The surprising cast is of course Patrick Dempsey or Mc Dreamy as he's known in Grey's Anatomy.There were many many times when I would say 'woahhhh' because of the action packed was 3D after all..hahaha.

The parts when the Decepticon shoot all those innocent humans was scary because they became ash in an instant!The movie was an enjoyable ride for me!:)