Stinky boys

Monday, July 18, 2011 Liyana Hanim 2 Comments

I have a very very sensitive sense of smell.So I can smell something bad very quickly and I will not like it. Malaysian pickles i.e "jeruk",tempoyak,trash,body odor and many more..these smell will make me scrunch up my nose in disgust.

Yesterday something funny happened between me,the boyfriend and a few teenage boys.Sometimes boys don't wear deodorant and they don't even notice that they stink.So the boyfriend notice how these boys 'scent' was disturbing me.

Afterwards,when they weren't there anymore we had this funny conversation.

Me:I am not giving birth to boys.They stink!I'm going to make sure that I control my body somehow to just give birth to girls.

Boyfriend:*puppy dog eyes* Alaaa,we'll give them deodorant when they're still babies so that they'll learn earlier on.We'll tell them not to drink the bottle though cos' some of them might look like milk bottles.




haha funny, you sama macam mak i. hidung sensitif dengan bau. selalu jea komplen kalau dia ada terbau lain macam..

Liyana.H said...

ur mum & i bley geng..kamilah serigala(sbb deria hidung tajam)..haha