Survivor:Redemption Island

Saturday, July 09, 2011 Liyana Hanim 4 Comments

I have been watching Survivor since I was in high school or was it primary school?My family absolutely love the show.The current season that I've downloaded is called Survivor:Redemption Island and is the 22nd season of the show--it has been going on for that long!

It is one of the best reality tv show around because it shows how human when are put in tough conditions,turn against each other and it is very very political as you get to see how conniving everyone becomes.Especially when they build alliances and backstab each other.I love to see their reaction when they won a reward challenge because it becomes such luxury to them when some of the things they won are normal things we get here(okay there are a few which aren't the norm).Especially love it when they have food auction!

This season was explosive because in episode 1,during tribal council for the losing team(won't spoil it for you guys!),somebody actually revealed who has the hidden immunity idol--like who the hell would do that??And that person also revealed who some people was going to vote against...HOLY COW!It was super shocking and made for great tv watch.haha.And that was only in the FIRST episode!

The addition of 2 past Survivor contestants which are Boston Rob & Russell(each went into the diff tribe) is cool as well because they have lots of experience.Plus,the name of the season is Redemption Island because the person who got booted off during Tribal council each week will be send to the island whereby they have to fend for themselves & then when they go against the next person who got voted of in a challenge,the final person who won,will come back into the game!Woooahhh crazyyyy!

Because I am an inquisitive person,I decided to actually google about this latest season & found out who won..Damn!But I'm gonna watch the whole season anyway to see how the winner won!Wooohoo.Can't wait to show my mum this latest season cos' she's going to love it!


Haven't seen a single ep. Boy am I out of touch :-)

We've got a new kitten. Come and see?

Liyana.H said...

i downloaded them all ellen..hehe..

yeay!!i'll come & will u make tea?:P

Abby said...

Where did you download them? :)

Liyana.H said...

on BTJunkie dear..mostly cos my boyfriend hs unifi(a super fast internet provider frm Msia--explaining cos i dunno if ur frm msia or nt) so i get to download a lot