Working yourself up for nothing

Thursday, July 21, 2011 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

People who knows me from the outer appearance and mannerism will deemed me as being cheerful and upbeat.Little that they know,for people who are super close to me like my family members and my boyfriend,knows a different side of me.The side whereby I worry so much about little things and how negative I can be on a lot of things as well.

Case in point.:

Last Friday,I got of work early(on Friday work ends at 4.45pm) and went to watch Harry potter with the boyfriend as he bought the tix a week before.The movie starts at 7.30pm.But due to some unforeseen circumstances,although we left his place around 5.40-ish like that(I had to bathe & change clothes),we were on NKVE at 7.10 pm.

No thanks to the laundromat being closed(he had to send his dad's clothes there for pressing/ironing) and then this bloody stupid cop who asked him to make a freaking U-turn(long story) because of traffic when he could have easily let us go through--I hate you,you fat cop!(sorry but he was just being mean that time!).

So we could have been at OU earlier and had dinner first but instead it took us more than an hour to get out of Shah Alam because of traffic.I was a huge basket case ALL THE WAY to OU.I was sulking,complaining to no end,crying and going all " we're so not going to make it to the cinema".But throughout all that,Razin was calm,collected and didn't scream to my face or thrown me out of the car.

He even tried to cheer me up by saying that we'll make it in time & even tried to bet with me but I was having none of it and I was very grumpy.He had to handle all that while having to navigate his way through the traffic.

Even when the cop asked him to do a U-turn & go back to where we started,he didn't get mad like I did(I was fuming & imaging running over the cop).He just said 1 or 2 expletives(haha) and then let it go.During that moment,I really admired him because if it was me,it would have been one wayyyy different scenario.

That time was one of my worst moments ever but he took it all in stride and was able to handle me.And we arrived at OU around 7.50,went straight to the cinema & when we went in,lo and behold,it was still SHOWING THE ADVERTISEMENT!hahahahah.GOOD LORD!I was so happy and went to the loo first and apologize profusely to the boyf for being negative over nothing.SIGH..

That incident reminded me to try atleast to change and not get myself all worked up and so negative over nothing.THINK POSITIVE THINK POSITIVE THINK POSITIVE.

It also made me realize something about Razin and the future that won't be shared here because it's just between us.

He's just been truly great to me.I feel very blessed.:)

Baby,I know you'll be reading this so I just want to say,thank you for loving me at my screaming worst.hahaha.I love you.