Captain America:The first avenger & a few other stuffs

Saturday, August 06, 2011 Liyana Hanim 3 Comments

Last night,after breaking our fast,I went to watch the 3D version of Captain America:The First Avenger with the boyfriend.My verdict?It was quite okay and enjoyable but it wasn't great.It was very funny seeing the tiny version of Chris Evans.There was some good parts in the movie but truthfully,don't watch it in 3D..there's not that much difference.

Captain America is just a very polite superhero.He made me want to try and be nicer to others.Even those I don't like.haha.Towards the end,there was a very teary eyed part in the movie.Ah,love..:)

For a girl who didn't read the comic,the end was a bit mind boggling to me.Luckily the boyfriend explained it to me.Also,I wouldn't have known that Howard Stark was Iron Man's father if it wasn't for him.

And oooh,doesn't Sebastian Stan look very dishy as Bucky?Girls would have remembered him as Carter Baizen from Gossip Girl or in the real gossip world,as the ex of Leighton Meester.

One of my fave character was Peggy Carter played by Hayley Atwell.She had lots of spunk and was tough, but at the same time,maintaining her femininity and very ladylike.My kind of woman!haha.I'd give the movie 6 out of 10.

The pic above is what I had for berbuka last night for the first time with the boyf.Didn't manage to do so during the previous 4 days of fasting as I'll go straight back home after work to break my fast with the family.Haven't had pizza in a long time!

Me & him,mucking about!:) (You can see my reflection in the mirror!)

Above is a picture from my mum's watermelon patch.Two different kinds of watermelon we have there.Ain't it pretty?

I haven't been to Old Blossom Box Store,the shop by lovely Jezmine Blossom in quite sometime due to being busy.So yesterday I managed to do so & gotten myself a pretty cherry necklace & a dress from her. I love their new paper bag.So pretty!Pictures of the bag & new my purchases are below..:)

*Jezmine remembered my 1st purchase from OBB on the 2nd day they opened shop last year,was a cherry necklace as well..:)
Pretty dress with rose lace pattern on top & a pleated mint green skirt on the bottom.


Must catch this as it sounds fun.

Happy World Cat Day!

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ellen:you should!happy world cat day to ur cats!

rachat:yes,you can click on the link on d left side of the blog for my twitter and on the right side of the blog for my facebook..:)