Gluttony,the ugly side of Malaysians during the fasting month

Sunday, August 28, 2011 Liyana Hanim 2 Comments

I haven't done this in a bit--sharing my opinion on my blog about certain issues or things I see happening around me.But this time I just had to because not only is it bugging the hell out of me but my mum shared the same view as I does and so does my other family members and the boyfriend as well because we discussed it during iftar tonight.

My family and I are not really into buffets as dad prefers to eat at home.So we frequent them only a few times in a year.During this Ramadhan I've had my iftar at 2 buffets.One was at Bora Asmara for Razin's Starian reunion and the other was a few hours ago at Restoran Tasik Indah,my treat for the whole family (the floating restaurant at Tasik Shah Alam).

And during both times,I am APPALLED by how greedy Malaysians are about the food at the buffet.I'm sorry to my fellow Muslims but it is so 'buruk' and appalling to see people piling up their plates with so much food like 30 minutes before iftar and then end up NOT FINISHING a lot of them.That is just wasteful and shameful!urghhhhh

Me & the boyfriend came late for iftar just now because we had to wait for his car to be fixed at this workshop near my house(ayah got some pull with this workshop & they charge 1/2 the price compared to workshop near my boyf's house!) so my family went first without us.

And when we came there around 8.20 pm,a lot of the food was almost wiped clean.But luckily the very nice and attentive staff,particularly Miss Lew make sure that I got a plate of butter prawns and chilli crab on our table as my mum told her we were late.Such great service made such a difference & left a very good impression on me so I certainly will go back there again..:)
*Mmmmm..all mine!Wouldn't have been able to eat this if I didn't have allergy medicine!*

Anyhoo,mama told us just as we were about to tuck in to our food that there was this table near us(whom had left already)and the couple took a mountain plate of butter prawns but they were only a family of 3 and then didn't finish a lot of it!Tsk tsk tsk.

One of the staff,a man who was very nice and came & talked with my family and even made fun of my lil brother Raffiq for being too skinny said that,if there's anything we want to eat that has already finish at the buffet,we can cook them for you,provided that you don't waste them to which I pointedly turned to this other table next to ours that had lots of plates of unfinished food signalling like--He meant you guys by the way!ahaha(Yes there are lots of people like these at buffets!So geram!!)

Seriously,stop being greedy at the buffet and think about others as well and stop wasting food when there are others around the world who can't even afford to eat!

A few pics from iftar tonight..
*7 people altogether*
*Raffiq being interrogated on why he is so skinny!hahahah*
*My dad sharing his many tales..haha*
*FOOOD that didn't go to waste as I shared these with the boyf*


I don't see the point of fasting followed by gluttony.

Liyana.H said...

exactly ellen!haha