How I spend my Sunday..:)

Monday, August 15, 2011 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

So how did you guys spend your Sunday?Well mind started at 2pm cos that's the time I woke up.Mind you,I woke up late not because of late night partying or whatnot..It was because after sahur I will spend my time watching episodes of Masterchef US Season 2 and slept at 7 sumtin in the morning!It is so addictive!hehe.

Woke up,made mango pickles for the family and prepped the meat for the burger that I will be cooking with the boyfriend after breaking our fast with my family.

Went to Old Blossom Box Store late afternoon to get me some pretty clothes because they stocked up their new arrivals right on Sunday.There were so many pretty stuff!Arghhh it was so hard because me + pretty clothes=empty wallet.hahahaha.

I settled with 3 outfits and a pair of super adorable sunnies which I saw Jezmine(the owner of the shop) tweeted a pic of it days before & told her I want it.She only sold 2 of it & I managed to get mine!Weeeeee.
Me in the adorable Chanel-inspired sunnies with a little bow on the right..My boyf said(while I was taking this pic) that I looked like a bee superhero aka a bug.To which I pooh pooh him cos' I like it!hehe
The 3 outfits from OBB--A rhinestone encrusted red chiffon tank,a deep blush chiffon jacket with pockets & a heart lace/mesh dress.Can't wait to wear all of them!:)

Had nasi briyani for berbuka with my family and also the boyf was there.I was a bit nervous because although he has met my parents a few times,this was the 1st time that they sat for dinner together.But he is charming and even after berbuka,he & ayah was still talking..on boring stuffs that I didn't partake in..hahaha.:)
*so like a boss..hahaha*(mama behind him,setting up the table..hehe)

After breaking our fast,me & my boyfriend attempted to make our own burger as I have been meaning to make my own burger for a long time and plus,I always want to try what's the fuss with In-n-out burger in the States.So we tackled this recipe from Serious Eats.
*The burger!We put the knife in such a way because we saw it on AFC awhile back..hehe*

It was a success!!Just follow the recipe to a T and also have all the right ingredients with you.I even made my own burger sauce from the recipe given(a pic of it below,along with a shot of the recipe on syg's iPod touch).The burger was yummy and juicy.Will definitely make it again..:)

That's about it.So it is back to work tomorrow but Wednesday is a public yeay!:P