Iftar here and there

Sunday, August 28, 2011 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

During this month of Ramadhan I had my iftar at a lot of places.Recently I had my iftar with the boyfriend's family with all the main dishes cooked by his mum who's an awesome cook(she makes the best daging dendeng!).

We had rice pilaf with fried chicken,pickles and this briyani beef dish.Dessert was bought by his dad & also a dozen of Krispy Kreme that I bought because I didn't have time to cook anything as I came straight from work!

And then a day after that I went to Vios Chosen One dinner as Izza's plus one which was held at MyCookbook Sunway Giza.The food was so-so,not good and not bad but this one dish which was just stir fried kailan was so bitter because they burned the garlic but they still serve it..tsk tsk.Not good!
Lepak with Izza afterwards at Fullhouse after I bought a few stuff at Village Grocer(found red chilli flakes for my pizzas!) and man theirs was so huge and pretty.It was 3 storeys high!Walked a bit after sharing 3 desserts and then the boyfriend picked me up home!:)
*A favorite snapshot that I took of her..Love the Dorothy Perkin's dress that she bought during our iftar+shopping spree at Empire a few days back!*
*Creme brulee..yummm!*
*Love the ring!:)*