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Monday, August 15, 2011 Liyana Hanim 2 Comments

Last year,I thought I'd never be okay again as my heart was torn into pieces.Until one day,came this guy who took me by surprise,swept me of my feet,picked up the pieces and changed how I looked at relationships and life too.Never in a million years I thought we'd end up together and things started to look up after that.

He showed me what love was all about.That if you love somebody,nothing will come in your way.You'd make time,you'd surprise them once in awhile,you'll always make them feel loved and so many more.

The best thing about this is the communication and the chemistry that we have and how comfortable we are with each other and how everything becomes effortless.We celebrated our anniversary a few weeks back & it was perfect.I'll remember it whenever I feel stressed out at work and it will bring a smile to my face.

I mean,when you can have fun even when you just go to Tesco to buy groceries or just hang out and listen to music with him,you know it's something special.:)

So to those of you out there,I just want to say that if you haven't found love yet and you think that it will never come your way,just hold on,have faith and one day it will find you.You just have to believe.And when it does,welcome it with an open heart and arms.I think this quote below exemplifies exactly how I feel about life:


bareessence said...

im so happy for you dear. so nnti make sure you tell me when the time has come okayh!!! hehehe. i want to be amongst the 1st to know..hahah

you know i love you.

Liyana.H said...

thank u hanna!!the time will not come so soon kot..hehe doa2kan la ye?mesti2 u guys akan diberitahu dahulu..:) I love you too babe!