It's not just a four letter word

Saturday, August 06, 2011 Liyana Hanim 2 Comments

*This was last night,right after berbuka,he was shopping for clothes & then we went to watch Captain America(which was quite okay,will write my review soon..)*

If there is one thing I am sure and believe in,it is about me and him.This is real,this is true.Words cannot even begin to describe what we have.

Thus,I don't like it when the past wants to interfere with the future.Like what Hanie Hidayah blogged about HERE which I can totally relate with ;

"But for once, I would like to have my man to myself without any interference, be it from the past or present. I don't really see the point of digging up the past if future is what you live for."

So I'll put it nicely here...The first time you did it,he voiced out my dislike.The second time you did it,I voiced out my dislike.If you do it for the third time--midget,I won't hesitate in tracking you and giving my piece of mind.

Find a counselor or find some friends,seeing that you don't have any to count on.He's not your confidant,he's mine.:)


HanieHyde said...

like =)

Liyana.H said...

thank u!i can so relate tu ur post..:)