Less words

Thursday, August 18, 2011 Liyana Hanim 1 Comments

Lately I've been filling up my post with lots of pictures and less words probably because I'm busy!Work,love,raya cookie orders and also the fact that new semester will start soon for my masters & I need to come up with a great idea!arghhhhh So I'll leave you with pictures of pretty,delicious and lovely things..:)

Will try to blog more soon..so many things to write about but no time!No time to even get atleast 6 hrs of sleep each night..:((
The best murtabak,ketam masak lemak(cooked by my mum) & daging dendeng(cooked by my boyf's mum) for sahur!
Love that shirt--cos' I got it for him.hehehe
Love this huge chunk of beautiful salmon!
Pretty prints from Dorothy Perkins..got both dresses for 50% off!:)
Iftar at La Bodega with Izza!
Mama's yummy corn fritters!
Old Blossom Box beautiful black diamond heart clutch for raya.