The Rise of Planet of the Apes

Monday, August 08, 2011 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

Last night after berbuka with the boyf,we went to watch The Rise of Planet of the Apes.I did remember watching the first movie a long long time ago when I was a kid so I forgotten already what has happened with the whole storyline & how it started blah2.Luckily for me,my man is an avid movie fan so he knows about it & guide me when I'm a bit lost.

This movie is quite action packed and make you look at an ape/chimpanzee in a whole different light.They are very intelligent and have a much stronger antibody than humans(which will be further explained if you watch the movie and you should!).There are many times when I felt sorry for the apes and there were a few touching scenes that will make you shed a tear or two.

Will's bond with Caesar was so touching and I love watching the progress that Caesar went through growing up.One of the scary/brilliant part of the movie was when Caesar tried to take control of all the apes at the primate sanctuary.He is definitely one brilliant ape!

I would love to write more on the synopsis of the movie but I believe that people who are skeptical about a movie on apes,should give it a try.Brilliant acting from James Franco,Andy Serkis(as the apes) and John Lithgow.The pretty Freida Pinto and also Tom Felton is in it.

Also at the end of the movie,you should wait when the credits roll as there is a 'preview' of what's to come.

I managed to watch the 1968 version of the movie today with the boyf as well and boy,they used a lot of the lines from the 1st movie in the current movie.For example an ape in the current movie name is Bright Eyes while in the old movie,the astronaut is called Bright Eyes!Tom Felton's character uttered a line that was something like this "Get your paws of me you dirty apes!" which was uttered in the old movie as well.

I suggest for those who have forgotten about the old movie or didn't know about it,should watch the new one and then watch this 1968 one to compare & it will be mind boggling!