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I was really bummed out and sad recently when my external harddisk suddenly malfunctioned & I can’t even format it!I just bought it a few months ago and from a reputal brand at that,WD(Western Digital).

Thankfully,there’s still the warranty and the boyf so ever kindly drove to their HQ after berbuka a few nights ago so that we’ll be able to see where the place is & go there during working hours.

There’s so many things in it and stupid me for not backing up everything.Urgh.Razin was trying to cheer me up and when I said that there were lots of pictures in the harddisk,he was like “Syg,it’s okay we’ll make new memories..I’ll take pictures of us everytime we go out from now on”..haha.

Cookies in the oven!

Been busy baking raya cookie orders—I only bake one kind which is chocolate chip cookies.This is more of a hobby than a business since I am working from 9-5,5 days a week so I only bake during my free time.

I also made homemade pizza for sahur for my brothers as I’ve made the sauce a week back when I bought the pizza crisper at Bagus Baking shop(I can go crazy there!Look at the picture below,of the things I bought there!).The dough & sauce is made from scratch..nothing store bought!If I had a cow,I’d milked the milk and made cheese out of it as well.hahahah.

Bagus Baking haul!
Pizza topping &sauce(there's meat in it so I don't have to put meat on the pizza)

Below is a picture of the pizzas.I made 7 pizzas in 2 days as the next day my mum said the boys wanted pizza as well.It wasn’t hard to do anyway.Just have to knead the dough and THIS recipe from Wolfgang Puck makes a very smooth and easy to work with dough.Remember to use a dough hook and not the normal hook that you use to mix cookies/cakes.

The dough!
Into the oven!
I made a half/half pizza--half tomato base sauce & the other,white sauce!

I also made garlic croutons to go with French onion soup for my sahur.I got hooked on the soup when I first tasted it a few weeks ago.The garlic croutons is so good that I ended up snacking on it after I made it.

The recipe is so simple.Take a baguette and cut into cubes.Melt butter in a pan with minced garlic.A bit of salt & sugar to taste.Mix in the bread and bake in the oven at 175 degrees for 15 minutes.

Yummy garlic croutons!

A few days back,when me & the boyf was find a place for berbuka at Empire & everything was full.Initially we wanted to eat at Rakuzen but that didn’t happen so we walked around,bought a drink to break our fast and went to Jaya Grocer as I told him that we can choose ingredients and they cook the food for us.

So we went and was surprised at the quality of food.It was very food.We had this(pic below) along with a chawan mushi,rice and this super good agedashi tofu.I gobbled it up that didn’t get a pic of it.

I would go there for that dish!Salivating now that I am fasting..haha.The vegetable kakiage was so good as well that the boyfriend was like what is this dish?It was way better than Sakae Sushi(they have the worst soft shell crab temaki—lemau like).

Sushi Miyake at Jaya Grocer

For cheap and fast sushi/bento,the boyfriend & I still prefer Sushi King as the quality of food is consistent.We’ve eaten at Yuzu and Rakuzen as well.Yuzu has great set meals but the food there was pretty salty.Rakuzen is good in terms of variety.A reader of mine commented on my past post that I should try the cranky roll which I haven’t yet.

Various flavor of macarons from Whisk!

I also managed to taste Whisk’s macarons that night as usually during none fasting month,it will be sold out by mid afternoon.I have to say that they’re the best tasting macarons because they’re not too sweet and not soft.I’ve tasted macarons from Thatlastslice and Delectable by Su and Whisk wins!

Hope you guys are having a great Sunday.I will break my fast with the boyfriend and his ex- boarding schoolmates at this place called Bora Asmara.Hopefully the food will be good!:P


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