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The night when I was being all sad about my WD harddisk malfunctioning,the boyfriend said something that was so sweet that goes something like this.."Syg,masalah you bukan masalah you sorang je,dia jadi masalah KITA.Dah takde dah masalah you sorang je.".It's not hard to love him at all.:)
*Awwww..I took this pic of him & Noah,a son of is friend.
Funny story:I told him to change his FB profile pic to this one cos it look so sweet & plus his prev pic was getting him inappropriate & suggestive messages in his inbox..-__-

*Pic of us after berbuka at Bora Asmara with his Starians schoolmate*

The ambience of the place was spot on but the food was nothing to shout about.I was appalled when it was like 30 minutes before berbuka & lots of people there had already taken their food.Tsk2.So greedy & no manners.

That night I wore a studded maxi dress from Honey Pumpkin.The pink shrug & butterfly belt is from Old Blossom Box.:)

I loveeee cherry print on clothes and I have 2 cherry necklaces(both from Old Blossom Box).My faveee ice cream is Ben & Jerry's Cherry Garcia.Ate them ever since I was a teen.Pity they don't have an ice cream parlor here although they do have em' in Singapore.Their ice cream are super yummy and there's so many cool flavors--you can click HERE to see them!

Eating fresh cherries will make you sleepy and sleep better and I need that because a times I find it hard to sleep.Thus when I saw this big bottle of fresh cherry juice(no sugar at all in it or even added water) at Jaya Grocer,I grabbed it--it cost rm27.90 but I think it's worth. it.Plus,they were out of fresh cherries at that time
Aren't these cookie tins above look so cute and pretty?I bought them so that I can fill em' up with my homemade choc chip cookies to give to my family and the boyfriend's family as well.
Berbuka at Rakuzen,Empire with the boyf and I ordered too much food that we had to pack a lot of it and even the boyf couldn't finish his.It was my 3rd or was it 4th time eating there and I tried the spider roll,cranky salmon roll and also agedashi tofu for the first time.I've to say I prefer the tofu at Sushi Miyake.
A few months back I participated in this article in The Star but never thought about it until I saw something in the newspaper a few days back that looked like what I wrote.Though they change a few things.

2 days ago I received this gift and I have to say that it is the most expensive facial wash I ever have.I certainly wouldn't fork out rm178 just for a facial wash!haha And oooh they gave me 2 caviar eye mask--like eye cream actually because you just dab it on.

Can't believe Raya is just a few days away & I still haven't found the baju raya that I want yet!Nothing appeals to me..*sigh*.Never mind,I still have a few more days to go.


I know what I want: ice cream!!!

Liyana.H said...

go ellen!i love ben & jerry's..so yummy!:)

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