Wednesday, August 03, 2011 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

Yesterday twitter was a buzz with tweets regarding the PSA ad for Ramadhan bazaar that was shown on 8TV which gotten so many flack from different circles that Izham Omar had to take down the ad from the channel.

The 3 ads was comprised into one and shown on Youtube.I shared it yesterday on my FB & gotten lots of comments from others--but today it was taken down by Grand Brilliance.It was funnily offensive but unnecessary as well.I get it why a lot of people from said race was offended because of the talent that was used in the ad.It would have had a different outcome if they had used talents from all races.

But the problem was that the way one had to behave while going to a ramadhan bazaar in the ad which was just ridiculous in my opinion.It's not a place of worship(mosque,church,temple) whereby a certain dress code or code of conduct has to be followed.We buy our food there and we go home.

The boyfriend said the ad was just bad in terms of everything.Only the late Yasmin Ahmad can make an ad that is able to touch the hearts of Malaysians.