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Ever since high school I've been watching Laguna Beach because of LC(what she was known back then) or now more known as Lauren Conrad.Then in Uni I followed her on The Hills.

Which she stayed on for 4 seasons and then left because of Speidi(attention seeking Heidi & Spencer) but after that people didn't really wanted to watch The Hills because duh,it was suppose to be about Lauren.

I love her understated style,her perfect hair and now she has made a name of herself.Choosing to separate herself from the frivolous alums of Laguna Beach,Lauren created her own fashion line(that was a bust at first because of pricing issue but now her Paper Crown line look very promising) and authored three NY Times best selling books(which was loosely based on reality tv and actually revealed a lot about why she quit the whole thing).

I've read all of her books and although they're not 'heavy',it's pretty entertaining and an eye opener to 'reality' tv.Her two websites and is very successful.Below are a few pictures of her that I love.

Pretty hair!

A beauty trend that she tried on after she polled her web readers at
If only I can keep my hair that long..gorgeous!

A recent pic of her at the launching of her line PaperCrown

A great made her leg looked miles long

Olivia Palermo is THE BLAIR WALDORF.Rumor has it the character Blair in the book series Gossip Girl(I read it back in high school) was based on this real upper east side princess.I love her style and how she just like Lauren always look put together and chic,never sloppy or too sexy.
So pretty!
She's always in a well tailored blazer with a dress underneath.I don't know how many times I've blogged about her.You can search her name in the search box to find out more.:)
She's always with Johannes.
Such a good looking couple
The pictures above with her real life boyfriend Johannes
Huebl for  Mango's campaign.
Gorgeous face!

Perfectly tailored blazer and hair.

Look at her shoes!Love it and the cat eyes sunglasses
Pretty dress with grey suede boots
Random stuffs:

The cast of Big Bang Theory looking soooo different!

I'm very thankful because what we have is far leap
and bounds than my previous relationship last year.

New season of some of my favorite tv shows are back!

Been watching the 1st and 2nd episode of 90210 season 4 and I've to say that it looks promising.Especially with Naomi plotting her revenge!She's my fave character in the show because she has lots of guts!hehe.

Also the second season of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills are back and the shows culminate what happened between Taylor and Russel and glimpse on why he committed suicide.In episode 3 I was just so enamored with Kyle's little girl,Portia with her 'pooper scooper' bit.So cute!

Season 2 of Top Chef Just Desserts are out and in episode 4 they've to recreate one of the set in the original Willy Wonka & the chocolate factory(my fave,the one with Gene Wilder!).It was AMAZING!I even watched the episode again this time with the boyfriend to show how amazing it was.Everything was edible from the walls to the chocolate waterfall.

Cannot wait to watch new episodes of The Big Bang Theory,Gossip Girl and How I Met Your Mother soon!:)


It's crazy--Thank you everyoneeee!:))

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I've been actively revamping this blog and blogging this year.So thankful that more people are reading my blog that now my page view have reached 100k+..Thank you everyone who stop over and read this little blog of mine!!

For today,since it is Monday and some of you might be experiencing monday blues,I thought I'd share some of my favorite videos on Youtube.I rarely get a chance to browse videos on Youtube but recently I got the chance to do so.So here's a few of my fave videos that I've recently watched.

PES films tend to use food related things in their stop motion videos.My fave is this one.Watch it!

Ellen is so hilarious!Asking silly questions to Taylor Swift & she was like..what?haha

David Beckham is so cool for doing this prank with Ellen.Awesomely funny!Can't believe all those women didn't recognize him.Though one almost did.haha.

I love this song and how soothing Zee Avi's voice is.

Okay this isn't really a video but it's one of my fave Yuna song & it reminded of me & my guy..We're randomly awesome.:))

I love Lauren Conrad and have been following her since her Laguna Beach days.And now she's a mogul with Paper Crown,her books(I bought all of them!) and her 2 successful websites!( & always look chic and appropriate.

Never sloppy or overtly sexy.In this video she personally demonstrated how to do the fishtail braid that's one of the most popular hairstyle right now.It's really easy if you ever want to try it.Though I don't like to tie my hair but if I ever want to do so,I'll definitely follow the instructions in this vid!

I was influenced to watch them thanks to my man,Razin Yuzer.One night he showed me so many of their videos and I have to say that they're not only funny but very smart as well!

Another one from them!

So that's about it folks.I'll try to update this blog more frequently and vary the topics as I can.But it's so much easier to talk about my life.haha..:P Have a great week!


I know I know

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UPDATED:Suddenly rainbow cakes are popping up everywhere.I remembered blogging about it back in early 2010!Even in small bakery in shah alam there's rainbow cakes & now Groupon have an offer on how to learn to bake it!But nothing will compare to the one the boyfriend surprised me with on my birthday!hehe..:P
It was a surprise indeed!

Me want rainbow cakes!(The other was baked by a friend cos I ordered one for myself.
It was good as well!)
I know,I know---I should probably blog about what I have been doing lately but I'm pretty tired actually.Plus,both me and him have been busy this week that we didn't get to hang out much,but we manage to squeeze in a bit of us time when he came over to my office for dinner a couple of time this week.(I work irregular hours!).

Managed to spend 3 hours at the spa yesterday(Embun Seri) & got myself a much needed massage & facial!Also got my hair trimmed & blow by Uncle Terry(he does my mum's hair for ages and also my aunts!).

Went to the boyf's & his sister's open house last night.This weekend I'll be busy with Master's stuff.Last weekend was filled with open houses and a wedding.This weekend was the same as well more open houses & a wedding--yes crazy because happened on BOTH weekends.

Have got to buckle up and make this great!urghhhh I'll leave you guys with a few quotes that I love & pics of food that I've been eating lately.Maybe I should update my tumblr(I have one but I've yet to do anything on it..haha) which I actually registered for one months ago.:P
All the bad things you say about other people,will bite you in the ass.
Maybe not now,but sooner or later..


Loathe those self-righteous people.You are you to judge me
when you've done your fair share as well?
Oh wait,you don't share that with your group do you?bwahaha

Random pic:Mandy Moore is just so pretty.I will always love her!

A caption of my number of page views--manyak ong wooo!Haha
Went to my aunt's open house/my lil cousin birthday party last Sunday.
He's a charmer alright!haha
With these 2 girls(my cousin Alia is on the left)
that's like annoying lil sisters I never had..:P
What I had at a wedding all the way in Nilai last Saturday.
That green thing is my FAVORITE ULAM(next to petai & jantung pisang)--daun selom.
They served roast lamb w coleslaw & also cendol(in d bowls!)!

Super awesome lontong made by boyf's mum--1st time I had kuah lontong
with mushrooms in the them..yummy!
Colorful roti jala made by his family..1st time for me me as well!haha

Starbucks baristas always gave great service!Creme Brulee macchiato is back!Soo goooddd!
Caesar salad w smoked salmon at Coffee Bean--the portion is huge &
I shared this with the boyf for dinner..:)
(obviously the raw salmon is his fave,not mine!)


Paris Je T'aime

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This movie came out on 2006 but I only watched it on Friday night.I've heard about this movie years back but didn't know where to get a copy of it.Luckily,the boyfriend told me about it 2 days before & that it was a very good movie & better than New York,I Love You & he downloaded it via torrent so we can watch it together.

The movie consists of 18 short films for 18 different arrondissements(Paris consists of 20 Arrondissements).2 other short films--XVe arrondissement, directed by Christoffer Boe, and XIe arrondissement, by Raphaël Nadjari,were not included in the movie due to time constraint,I guess.haha.

I have to say that I prefer the France(the actual original version) over the NY version.I recognize the names of some of the producers--Gerard Depardieu,Wes Craven,Alexander Payne,Alfonso Cuaron and Gurindher Chadha.There were also some familiar faces in the movie like Elijah Wood,Maggie Gylenhaal,Natalie Portman,Catalina Sandina Moreno,Steve Buscemi,and Juliette Binoche.

Out of the 18 short films,all of which was good(except for the bizzare hairstylist in Chinatown directed by Christopher Doyle),my fave was Tour Eiffel (VIIe arrondissement) written & directed by French animator Sylvain Chomet and Faubourg Saint-Denis (Xe arrondissement) — by German writer-director Tom Tykwer.

Tour Eiffel was just so cute!It is about this little boy who was telling the story about how his parents met and fall in love--which was in prison!Both of his parents are mime.You should really watch it as it is so cute.

Fauborg Saint-Denis was about a young couple-a struggling actress and her blind boyfriend.He taught they were broken up via a phone call so he told the story about how they drifted apart.

The other 16 short films are(taken from Wiki because I've no time to write all.haha)

1)Montmartre (XVIIIe arrondissement)by French writer-director Bruno Podalydès. A man (played by Podalydès himself) parks his car on a Montmartre street and muses about how the women passing by his car all seem to be "taken". Then a woman passerby (Florence Muller) faints near his car, and he comes to her aid. --I love the monologue by Podalydès at the start of the film.So funny!

2)Quais de Seine (Ve arrondissement) made by the husband-and-wife team of Japanese-American screenwriter Paul Mayeda Berges and Gurinder Chadha. A young man (Cyril Descours), hanging out with two friends who taunt all women who walk by, strikes up a friendship with a young Muslim woman (Leïla Bekhti). --A great one that featured a Muslim woman.

3)Le Marais (IVe arrondissement)by Gus Van Sant. A young male customer (Gaspard Ulliel) finds himself attracted to a young printshop worker (Elias McConnell) and tries to explain that he believes the man to be his soulmate...-you should watch the bittersweet twist at the end!

4)Tuileries (Ier arrondissement) by Joel and Ethan Coen. A comic film in which an American tourist (Steve Buscemi) waiting at the Tuileries station becomes involved in the conflict between a young couple (Axel Kiener and Julie Bataille) after he breaks the cardinal rule of avoiding eye contact with people on the Paris Metro. -The couple was just crazy!

5)Loin du 16e (XVIe arrondissement; literally: "far from the 16th") by Walter Salles and Daniela Thomas. A young immigrant woman (Catalina Sandino Moreno) sings a Spanish lullaby ("Qué Linda Manita") to her baby before leaving it in a daycare. -Cute babies alert!!

6)Porte de Choisy (XIIIe arrondissement) directed by Christopher Doyle.A comic film in which a beauty products salesman (Barbet Schroeder) makes a call on a Chinatown salon run by a woman (Li Xin) who proves to be a tough customer. --weird!

7)Bastille (XIIe arrondissement) by Isabel Coixet. Prepared to leave his marriage for a much younger lover, Marie Christine (Leonor Watling), a man named Sergio (Sergio Castellitto) instead decides to stay with his wife (Miranda Richardson) after she reveals a terminal illness - and he rediscovers the love he once felt for her. --a great story about how you can fall in love with someone again.

8)Place des Victoires (IIe arrondissement) by Nobuhiro Suwa. A mother (Juliette Binoche), grieving over the death of her little boy (Martin Combes), is comforted by a magical cowboy (Willem Dafoe). --this was a sad but hopeful short film.

9)Parc Monceau (XVIIe arrondissement) by Alfonso Cuarón. An older man (Nick Nolte) and younger woman (Ludivine Sagnier) meet for an arrangement that a third person ('Gaspard'), who is close to the woman, may not approve of. --this film will fool you because if you listen to what they're talking about,you might make an assumption regarding their relationship!

10)Quartier des Enfants Rouges (IIIe arrondissement) by Olivier Assayas. An American actress (Maggie Gyllenhaal) procures some exceptionally strong hashish from a dealer (Lionel Dray) whom she gets a crush on. --Don't do drugs Maggie!haha

11)Place des fêtes (XIXe arrondissement) by Oliver Schmitz. A Nigerian man (Seydou Boro), dying from a stab wound in the Place des fêtes asks a woman paramedic (Aïssa Maïga) for a cup of coffee. --this was very sad.Especially the last part whereby they zoom on the woman's shaking hands.

12)Pigalle (IXe arrondissement) by Richard LaGravenese. An aging couple (Bob Hoskins and Fanny Ardant) act out a fantasy argument for a prostitute in order to keep the spark in their relationship. ---the end of this film was sweet

13)Quartier de la Madeleine (VIIIe arrondissement) by Vincenzo Natali. A young backpacker tourist (Elijah Wood) falls in love with a vampiress (Olga Kurylenko).--this was very creepy because of the female vampire!!

14)Père-Lachaise (XXe arrondissement) by Wes Craven. While visiting Père Lachaise Cemetery, a young woman (Emily Mortimer) breaks up with her fiancé (Rufus Sewell). --I didn't really understood their conversation at first.The 'ghost' part was cool!haha

15)Quartier Latin (VIe arrondissement)directed by French actor Gérard Depardieu and French director Frédéric Auburtin.A separated couple (Ben Gazzara and Rowlands) meet at a bar (run by Gerard Depardieu) for one last drink before the two officially divorce. --this was a bit confusing as well.But you should listen closely to their conversation.

16)14e arrondissement (XIVe arrondissement)written and directed by Alexander Payne. Carol (Margo Martindale), a letter carrier from Denver, Colorado on her first European holiday, recites in rough French what she loves about Paris. --The woman French accent was just so funny!I love how this film was from the point view of a tourist.


News,pics and such

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*I change my blog header with another round of random pics I like.But the boyfriend said it was too crowded and that I should choose just one picture.Heck,I like em' all & it was hard to choose!:P..UPDATE:I change it again cos I saw a pic of this super pretty purple flower!*squeals*..haha

There has been lots of things in the news that I just thought I wanted to share with you guys:

1)Have your heard about the 19 year old boy studying at UiTM Perak who burned his girlfriend to death?From the article that I read in The Star,HERE apparently it was motivated out of jealousy..what gives??A crazy world we're living in now!

2)Oh did you guys see the footage on the news about this dude who drove his van on our highway but in the opposite direction and on the right lane at that?CRAZYYYYY!He drove that way for 20 mins or mum thought he was trying to kill himself or something.

3)For someone who did her practicum at her former highschool(SMSK9) for 3 months and actually was also in charge of supervising the sports team that arwah Aminulrasyid was in,it was bittersweet to hear the news that the cop who shoot him will be sentence for 5 years in jail.Read the news HERE.

A great reminder..:)
Sometimes me & my other half have very random conversation.Case in point,a colleague of mine at work who's getting married soon asked me about where she can find a cupcake wedding cake and we googled a few websites online.And it made me realize that it would be great for my own wedding,not that I'm getting married anytime soon,mine you.It would be nice though to have a cake such as the one below.

Look at the butterflies!
BUT the boyfriend was all no no no,a wedding is about 2 people so he gets to choose the cake as well and he wanted a PIZZA!-_-To which I pointed out why don't he be like one of his friends whom during our conversation with him last week,didn't even know what's going on with his wedding as everything is taken care by his relatives & fiancee.

So pretty!
Or like what Monica told Chandler in Friends,all he had to do was show up.ahaha.Really,I think a cupcake wedding cake is better because I want lotsa yummy cupcakes so my guests can get one each.So just one tiny cake for the bride & groom & lots of cupcakes will surround the cake.And they have to have buttercream frosting and no fondant because I want it to be tasty not just pretty..:)

Gorgeous color!
I love green tea and have been drinking the drink,the real bitter loose leaf version without sugar and not the watered down + sweet version many drink company in Malaysia tries to market,ever since I can remember.I think it started when I was 14 or 15 years old.None of my family member share this love with me.

Thankfully my boyfriend and his sister loves drinking green tea as well.A few days back,his mum showed me  this green tea plant that she got from one of her friends who had a Japanese friend living here & plants these in her garden!How cool is that?Now I get to drink fresh green tea!Woohoo.Can't wait for it to be planted in their garden.
Green tea plant
Making the tea!
 Below are some pics from my eats this week!:)
Wonder who proof read Ayam Penyet Ria latest ad?Free Desert?
It's getting hot here,so why would I want my own desert?haha
Takeaway terong magic(also lele penyet not in pic!)
with the boyfriend for our Bridesmaids movie night.:)
Dry wanton for dinner with him at Only Mee
Agedashi tofu,dinner at Jaya Grocer,Empire
We ordered pizzahut while watching Paris Je t'aime  with him &
 it was first time for us tasting this new
 item on their menu:Garlic butter flatbread-YUMMY!
A snap of me & the boyf 'conversation' right after I had
 my minor oral surgery to remove my wisdom tooth..Look at his rather
graphic drawing of him pooping..hahahahaha.
He only wrote--I nak berak dulu bole syg?--cos duh he can talk,not me!hahaha


Wondermilk-ing it

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*All of the pictures here was taken using Razin's ipod touch because I accidentally left my hp the whole day at home cos' was rushing out of the house when he came to pick me up!-__-

Last Saturday,after attending a lunch/beraya session at the boyfriend's friend's house,we went to Wondermilk at Citta Mall Ara Damansara because I've never been there and although I've eaten a cuppacake(the name of Wondermilk's cupcakes,not a typo!) years back,I've never actually sat down at any of their outlets(one in Uptown Damansara & the other a new one in Ara Damansara).

A lot of speculation was made on Twitter a few months back on where will the new Wondermilk outlet be.A lot of people was hoping that it'd be in Shah Alam since there's 3 university in it so it's a no brainer.But surprisingly they choose Ara Damansara & I've to say that Citta Mall looks DEAD.It was the weekend but the place looks EMPTY.Nobody goes there!WRONG LOCATION people!

Nonetheless,I was there for the cupcakes.So I bought 8 of them.2 which I ate with the boyfriend there with a cup of Creme Brulatte for me and cold Butterscotch Milk for him.I choose the cupcakes & went outside to sit while he was waiting for our drinks inside(the place is self service).

My creme brulatte..I prefer Starbucks's version!
The first 6 cupcakes--Clockwise frm top left:Lemon something(forget the name!),Chocolove Orange(my fave!),Caramel Kiss,Peanut Butter Jelly wonder,Royal Vanilla &Oh My Choc.

Boyf's butterscotch milk--super yummy!Should've ordered this!
Now,before we arrived there,I told the boyf about a piece of news that was shared on twitter & blog over the very bad service of Wondermilk at Citta Mall which you can read HERE.I was a bit prepared for it but then the boyfriend was like,'why are we coming here then if the service is bad?Let's go home!'.But I was adamant to give them the benefit of the doubt & to try the food there for myself.Maybe they've improved right??.......

The boyf eating only the choc cupcake.
Imagine my surprise when my man came out from the store & brought our drinks,he told me that the service was bad because the servers at the counter was very BLUR & LEMBAB.I was wondering why our drinks took such a long time.Suffice to say he was very annoyed with their service.

The handsome dude who was treated poorly..:(
So after we ate a cupcake each,I wanted to buy 2 more of the chocolove orange cupcake because it was excellent.I went inside and when I went to the cupcake display to choose the cupcakes,all of the servers at the counter(who are all males),was in a corner near the kitchen & they did not pay attention if there was anybody at the counter!I had to practically shout like 'Excuse me!' to them to get their attention.Sigh.

No wonder the boyfriend said that there was a family who was queuing up before us & the father said..'The service is so lembab isn't it?'..Haiyooo.Wondermilk has got to buckle up because this is SEPTEMBER already & bad reviews about the service at the new outlet has been heard since JULY!

When I brought home the cuppacakes to my family,my dad & my boyfriend(he send me home & he beraya-ed with my family for dinner as well) agreed,along with my mum that the price was way overprice for a tiny cupcake--rm4.50 each.But I would buy it again because although it was tiny,it was very delicious.

My verdict?Great cupcakes/cuppcakes:YES.Bad service:YES.I probably will go there again to buy the cupcakes & go home.haha.