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Been super busy with raya preparations and actually living it that I didn't get to blog much.Finally I get to write a bit about what happened during the past 3 days.This will be a pretty long post so bear with me.Btw you'll notice that there wasn't much picture of raya food because why???

Ketupat palas(bought by mama),daging dendeng,serunding kelapa &kuah kacang(made by Razin's mum)
BECAUSE I ATE EM ALL BEFORE I COULD TAKE PHOTOS OF EM--I am a monster..:(( But by the 2nd day of raya I was craving lighter foods cos' on the first day I OD-ed on lemang,ketupat,rendang,you name it!:PP
Made oven roasted salmon with sauteed veg on 2nd day of Raya 
A day before Raya eve:

Hugeee red velvet with strawberries
I made a huge red velvet cake for a friend who ordered it for raya in the morning.Send it to her in the afternoon,then went to meet up with the boyfriend.Helped his mum peeled lots of garlic for raya dishes and also his sibling and him helped his mum(look at the hilarious pic of him wearing goggles while peeling red onions!hahahaah).
*My crazy super adorable cute boyfriend wearing goggles!haha*
Crazy dude I met at Ikea!:P
 Afterwards we went to Ikea.Shopped at Cold Storage first&the boyf bought the ingredients for me to make lotsa pizzas for his family for our last iftar this year(and for mine as well..duh!).

Love this couch!
Saw this blackforest Tim Tams(obviously wasn't market by the Malaysian company) and bought it.I didn't like it that much but boyfriend loves it.Fed him 4 while he was driving back home!haha

Blackforest tim tams?
Then we break our fast with a bottle of ribena strawberry(loves it!) at one of the aisle.Drop stuffs in the car.Went to Ikea,bought stuffs for mama,boyf bought stuffs for his room &his mum.Drop stuffs in the car again(so much walking I tell you!).And by then I was being a bit cranky from hunger that the boyf was like hugging me and was like alalala kesian dia lapar ye?hahahaa.Around 9pm(masuk Ikea mesti la lama..heheh) we got down to eat at Waroeng Penyet.

Super yummeh!!
I have eaten at Ayam Penyet Ria(my fave previously because their catfish is crispy and the sambal is yummy) and also Ayam Penyet Api(their sambal isn't good at all!Api my ass.But boyf likes the fact that they give you 2 catfish per set) and I have to say-----

WAROENG PENYET has the best sambal &will be my numero uno for Lele Penyet from now on!!Super good that I asked for EXTRA SAMBAL.Something which I don't do at Ayam Penyet Ria or Api which shocked the boyf cos it was very hot sambal.hehe.
The jus alpukat was dissapointing
The soda gembira tasted much better than Ayam Penyet Ria(ayam penyet api doesn't have soda gembira!).But their jus alpukat(avocado juice) was nothing to shout home about.Afterwards dropped of raya choc chip cookies orders to a friend &one of my ex-students and then we went home.

The eve of Raya:

Homemade pizza for my family & his--made 10 of these!
 Started the day at noon.Prepped stuff for the pizza.Made the dough and the chopped,sauteed,grilled some of the toppings.Made lychee pudding as well.Also made the pineapple tart filling and chocolate cookie dough as well.Pheww!I cooked and baked from 12-5pm!Crazyyyyyy.

Fresh choc chip cookies for syg's family..:)
The boyfriend came over to pick up the pizzas and he was amazed at the amount of food I made that day.haha.After berbuka of lotsa pizzas with my family,my parents and I minus my brothers went to PKNS &SACC for some last minute raya shopping.I found my baju raya and my mum did as well.

The boyf was busy making ketupats that night with his dad while his mum &siblings went to PKNS--his lil sis was sweet enough to help him pass me some of the raya dishes that his mum made:super yummy daging dendeng,serunding kelapa(a first time for me)&kuah kacang(which tasted exactly like the one my grandma use to make!) .

showing off his ketupat
When I went home we skype-d to see his 'work'. His dad was there as well & he was like 'Shame on you for not knowing how to anyam a ketupat'..muahahahah.My dad knows how but me &my other family member have no idea how to do so.:P Afterwards I baked some pineapple tarts for raya and I slept around 3 am!


Woke up,went to Nenek's house and didn't wear my baju raya yet as we're going to the kubur first.All of my relatives that has passed away--my grandma &grandpa on my dad's side,my grandpa on my mum's side and my great grandmother on my mum's side were all buried(okay that sounded cryptic but right now I don't know the right word to use,so very sorry!) at Kawasan Perkuburan Shah Alam Sect 21.

When we were at Nenek's house,my cousins weren't there yet and they came a few mins after us.My uncle from Alor Setar came a day before.After a bit of breakfast,we went to the kubur in 3 cars.Me with my cousin Kak Hani &my family in my dad's car while my uncle in his car.
All the ladies that were there in the morning..there's lots more but some went to their other half's kampung 
My retard siblings & cousin
Guess whos cookies finish first?hehe 
Me &my family(my bros were laughing cos my cousin made a joke behind camera!)
Me & my cousins in our baju raya!

My greedy brothers!haha
After we went to the kubur,change into raya clothes,then salam with each other &also duit raya exchange session + picture taking session began.As someone who's working already,I gave duit raya to my young cousins & also my grandma.I got a few angpows as well cos' I'm still not married.hehehe.Yes!

Had to go to Tesco afterwards as usual there will be shortage of some kind of ingredient or ice.So weird wearing my 'glam' baju raya to tesco with my lil brother.haha.

Late grandpa's passport
As we were waiting for our other relatives to arrive,my cousins and my brothers ransacked my late grandpa's wardrobe and tried on some stuffs.Our aunts allowed us to take stuffs that fits us.My late grandpa Sheikh Haji Jamaluddin Al-Radzi is a very tall and super skinny man.

So although I could fit into his blazers,there was no way any of us could fit into his pants.Except for my super skinny lil brother Raffiq and also my cousin Syazni.
My cousins Firdaus &Syazni wearing our late grandpa's blazer..:)
I got this beautiful blueish grey blazer that I can't wait to wear!Also got this pretty gold watch that fits my wrist perfectly..:) I miss my late grandpa so much.He was a great grandfather,father and husband.

My cute lil cousin who loves cheesecake..when she opens her eyes she looks like a Korean baby!
In the evening we went home as my dad's brother was coming to our house.At night my lil brother was so excited as he got to play fireworks that was given by one of our uncles because my parents doesn't allow it and doesn't buy it for us.But my dad made an exception and even played with my brother that night and he was so happy.hehe
*My happy lil brother Raffiq with his Thunder clap mercun*

By 3rd raya I was already back at work..:( On the brightside,the boyfriend came to teman me for lunch during both days that I was working,which was great and so sweet of him..:)) He brought lele penyet from Ayam Penyet Ria during 3rd of raya &4th day(yesterday) I tried AhCheng Laksa for the 1st time with him & it was so good!Will bring my mum with me the next time I go there!

Takeaway lele penyet!(not in pic,3 soda gembira!)

Super yummy assam laksa!
That's about it folks!:)


Sounds like a great time!


wah wah meriahnyaaa :D selamat hari raya maaf zahir batin dari saya untuk liyana. hehe =D

Liyana.H said...

ellen:yes it was

encik tikus:agak meriah laaa..how ws ur raya?selamat hari raya maaf zahir & batin!

Anonymous said...

I was wondering, how to apply for a job like you? Im also a tesol grad. Teaching is boringgg :(

Liyana.H said...

anon:sorry forgot to reply this comment!ws bz w work..hurm actually i prefer teaching bt it doesnt pay much fr d time being cos i've yet to obtain my masters..

i got my job because they came to my faculty around a week after my degree ended& conducted interviews,along w other companies bt i choose them(i got a teaching job as well) cos they're near my hse & pays well.

i started working in june,just about 3 weeks after i submitted my thesis until now..been there for more than a year now!:) if u want to apply,you can send ur cv to our HR dept..:)


my ghaye ? was great ! hhehe