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Saturday, September 24, 2011 Liyana Hanim 2 Comments

UPDATED:Suddenly rainbow cakes are popping up everywhere.I remembered blogging about it back in early 2010!Even in small bakery in shah alam there's rainbow cakes & now Groupon have an offer on how to learn to bake it!But nothing will compare to the one the boyfriend surprised me with on my birthday!hehe..:P
It was a surprise indeed!

Me want rainbow cakes!(The other was baked by a friend cos I ordered one for myself.
It was good as well!)
I know,I know---I should probably blog about what I have been doing lately but I'm pretty tired actually.Plus,both me and him have been busy this week that we didn't get to hang out much,but we manage to squeeze in a bit of us time when he came over to my office for dinner a couple of time this week.(I work irregular hours!).

Managed to spend 3 hours at the spa yesterday(Embun Seri) & got myself a much needed massage & facial!Also got my hair trimmed & blow by Uncle Terry(he does my mum's hair for ages and also my aunts!).

Went to the boyf's & his sister's open house last night.This weekend I'll be busy with Master's stuff.Last weekend was filled with open houses and a wedding.This weekend was the same as well more open houses & a wedding--yes crazy because happened on BOTH weekends.

Have got to buckle up and make this great!urghhhh I'll leave you guys with a few quotes that I love & pics of food that I've been eating lately.Maybe I should update my tumblr(I have one but I've yet to do anything on it..haha) which I actually registered for one months ago.:P
All the bad things you say about other people,will bite you in the ass.
Maybe not now,but sooner or later..


Loathe those self-righteous people.You are you to judge me
when you've done your fair share as well?
Oh wait,you don't share that with your group do you?bwahaha

Random pic:Mandy Moore is just so pretty.I will always love her!

A caption of my number of page views--manyak ong wooo!Haha
Went to my aunt's open house/my lil cousin birthday party last Sunday.
He's a charmer alright!haha
With these 2 girls(my cousin Alia is on the left)
that's like annoying lil sisters I never had..:P
What I had at a wedding all the way in Nilai last Saturday.
That green thing is my FAVORITE ULAM(next to petai & jantung pisang)--daun selom.
They served roast lamb w coleslaw & also cendol(in d bowls!)!

Super awesome lontong made by boyf's mum--1st time I had kuah lontong
with mushrooms in the them..yummy!
Colorful roti jala made by his family..1st time for me me as well!haha

Starbucks baristas always gave great service!Creme Brulee macchiato is back!Soo goooddd!
Caesar salad w smoked salmon at Coffee Bean--the portion is huge &
I shared this with the boyf for dinner..:)
(obviously the raw salmon is his fave,not mine!)


Li, you look like a korean lady in the first pic! really gorgeous!

Liyana.H said...

jess:babe i miss u cos u rarely blog nowadays..T_T..thank u!!i will def try tat hairdo frm time to time..:P