It's crazy--Thank you everyoneeee!:))

Monday, September 26, 2011 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

I've been actively revamping this blog and blogging this year.So thankful that more people are reading my blog that now my page view have reached 100k+..Thank you everyone who stop over and read this little blog of mine!!

For today,since it is Monday and some of you might be experiencing monday blues,I thought I'd share some of my favorite videos on Youtube.I rarely get a chance to browse videos on Youtube but recently I got the chance to do so.So here's a few of my fave videos that I've recently watched.

PES films tend to use food related things in their stop motion videos.My fave is this one.Watch it!

Ellen is so hilarious!Asking silly questions to Taylor Swift & she was like..what?haha

David Beckham is so cool for doing this prank with Ellen.Awesomely funny!Can't believe all those women didn't recognize him.Though one almost did.haha.

I love this song and how soothing Zee Avi's voice is.

Okay this isn't really a video but it's one of my fave Yuna song & it reminded of me & my guy..We're randomly awesome.:))

I love Lauren Conrad and have been following her since her Laguna Beach days.And now she's a mogul with Paper Crown,her books(I bought all of them!) and her 2 successful websites!( & always look chic and appropriate.

Never sloppy or overtly sexy.In this video she personally demonstrated how to do the fishtail braid that's one of the most popular hairstyle right now.It's really easy if you ever want to try it.Though I don't like to tie my hair but if I ever want to do so,I'll definitely follow the instructions in this vid!

I was influenced to watch them thanks to my man,Razin Yuzer.One night he showed me so many of their videos and I have to say that they're not only funny but very smart as well!

Another one from them!

So that's about it folks.I'll try to update this blog more frequently and vary the topics as I can.But it's so much easier to talk about my life.haha..:P Have a great week!