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The weekend is the time when I get to wake up at whatever time I want and go wherever I want to go and then go home at night a bit late & not worrying having to wake up early the next morning.haha.So last Saturday me & the boyf went to Ikea.Mucked around and imagine what our house will look like(awww) and like sorta pick out the furniture we wanted.:P
Mucking about..haha

I put this on his head & a few passerby
 laugh when they saw him!haha

our dream living room..wonder wat is wrong wit dis pic??

And it was sort of the day of reckoning because get this,I never tasted Ikea meatballs before!Usually when I go there with my mum,we go to buy stuffs and not to eat.Plus,I make damn good meatballs(or so my family,the boyfriend & his family & my friends made me to believe) so I never had to go out and buy them.:P
Salmon gravlax(boyf choice),daim cake,meatballs & fried chicken wings

So when it was time for me to taste it,I was a bit nervous..I mean what if it tasted better than mine?haha.
The verdict:The best part about the Ikea meatballs was the combination of gravy + lingonberry jam/sauce.The meatballs was like sausages you buy at the frozen section--it was compact and tasted of meat and nothing more--thus I breathe a sigh of relief that although it was quite tasty,the boyfriend agreed that mine was 'melt in your mouth kind of meatballs'..hehe.

Damn tasty combo:gravy mix with lingonberry jam/sauce

Got my ketupat which the boyfriend made!:)
Pretty sun
 On Sunday,the weather was beautiful so I wanted to go out and watch the sunset with boyfriend.So in the evening,we walked along the quite dirty stretch at Tanjung Harapan.I suggested the place because it was only 30 mins away from Shah Alam.
Me,watching the sunset

It was peaceful because we parked our car quite far and walked down the road.When the sun set,he suggested we eat sushi so we went to Subang Parade for Sushi King(as he wanted to avoid the crowd at Pyramid).

Bought this cool 7up cherry at cold storage--funny the fact that a soda has antioxidants!haha
Last night the boyf brought me to Coca Thai ( a place whereby his family celebrate special occasions like birthdays)because he was gone for a day on Monday to Kedah & Penang to ran some errands & I miss him terribly & wish I could follow him but I had to work so I couldn't..T_T.
waiting for the food to cook
The food there was good and I understood why he said it had the best steamboat--the sauce they used was super tasty!And apparently he said that they guard the recipe so tight that even if you takeaway the meal from there,they won't give you any sauce to bring home with!
finish!and look at the amount of prawns we ate!

We were sitting directly in front of the fish tanks and I was fascinated with the live crabs in the tank.They looked so cute and it reminded me of one of my favorite cheesy movie:Simply Irresistible.
Various macarons from Whisk--rm18 for 10 assorted flavors
Afterwards we walked to Empire because I wanted to buy macarons from Whisk since my super picky eater of a little brother,Raffiq,loves them(and he is so hard to please okay!).Was so happy when The Last Polka ice cream was sold there because I actually had a dream involving them a few days back which I told the boyf about.haha.
The last polka nutella ice cream--super good!

Pardon my messy book shelf!I got this pretty purple(my fave color)
 lights from the boyf,a souvenir from Penang.
Look how pretty it lights up?
Today after work,he came to the office to pick me up & then we went to dinner at HOMST.I haven't had dinner there in quite sometime!We had super good buttered prawns(with my allergy medicine with me 24/7 now I can eat seafood whenever I want!),stir fried kailan with oyster sauce and sweet & sour fish fillet.It hit the spot since I didn't eat anything from breakfast.

We want food!(he being so hungry!haha)

Calling it a nite!2 more days before it's the weekend how time flies!


abso-love the purple lights!! :D

abso-love the purple lights!! :D

Liyana.H said...

me too babe!my room is a bit beachy-ish now..hhaha mlm2 tutup lampu & psg pastu feeling2 kat tepi pantai..bwahahaha