Masterchef US Season 1 & 2

Tuesday, September 13, 2011 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

As those of you who's living in Malaysia knows..a version of Malaysian Masterchef is in the works now.So out of curiosity I decided to watch both seasons of the US version to know how the show works and what it's all about.I was pleasantly surprised because it was a very good show.

The show is about contestants who are amateur cooks who have never been trained professionally or worked in any food-related line.So basically they're just like you or me.

Masterchef judges consist of 3 very tough and talented culinary individuals.The very well known Gordon Ramsay,Joe Bastianich(the son of the famous Lidia Bastianich,also a chef) and Graham Elliot.

After 2 episodes of audition,the final line up of contestants will have to endure a set of challenges in each episode.

The first one is the Mystery Box challenge whereby they have to cook using whatever ingredients is in the box and the winner will get an advantage in the Elimination Challenge.

In some episodes throughout both seasons,there's no Mystery Box challenge and they go straight on to the Elimination Challenge and it will be held outside of the Masterchef venue.The team that loses(cos it's mostly a team challenge) will have to participate in a Pressure Test.

Some of my favorite episodes in Season 1 was:
Season 1 contestants

1)The Cupcake Challenge --because the ingredients they had to work with look absolutely amazing!.

2)The Trucker challenge--I love the fact that the red team cater to the truckers and made changes in their burger toppings.

3)The Wedding Challenge-that was hard because these people aren't trained professional and they had to cook for a wedding!

4)The Marines challenge--The contestants had to feed 150 marines with their family members.It was quite a sad episode as well.

5)Replicating Cat Cora's dish elimination challenge--All of the contestants had to replicate a dish by Iron Chef Cat Cora that was chosen by the contestant who won the previous challenge.There was an unexpected twist in this challenge that would have catapulted a contestant to the finals..but you know how that goes!
Season 1 winner:Whitney!

Some of my favorite episodes in Season 2 was:
Season 2 contestants
1)The Layercake elimination challenge--That was very interesting as a lot of the contestants can cook but not all of them can bake.

2)Replicating Whitney's dish elimination challenge--The winner of season 1 came and all of the contestants had to replicate a dish from her cookbook that was chosen by the Mystery Box winner.

The block party challenge
3)The Block Party challenge--The contestants was divided into 2 groups and they had to make one dish & one side dish for a neighborhood kids block party.It was so much fun to see the kids reaction towards their food.They are really honest with their opinions!

The judges mothers challenge
4)The Judges Mothers challenge--When the judges describe who the contestants was going to cook for,they thought it was going to be for the toughest food critics out there because of their intimidating descriptions!Turns out they were cooking for the judges mother!

5)The Hollywood Party challenge--This was just very chaotic because some of the contestants just wasn't prepared to cook for lots of people at one time.One of the dishes served was just very embarassing--cut up fruits/berries served with whipped cream & served in little cupcake cups??CRAZY!

Season 2 winner:Jennifer(also a former Miss USA contestants)

I can't wait to see what Masterchef Malaysia will be like!