Movie review:Something Borrowed and Bridesmaids

Wednesday, September 14, 2011 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

I have more movies to write about on but a lot of them I just seem to forget about.Both movies below weren't watched by me at the cinema but instead at the comfort of both mine & the boyf's house.


Truthfully I had high hopes for this movie because I adore Kate Hudson and I thought the trailer looks promising.But this movie was such a letdown.Poor storyline,weak characters and a predictable ending.The only thing I love about this movie was John Krasinki.The story is just STUPID.Period.I feel sorry for those of you who had to endure this movie at the cinema.


This movie is miles different than Something Borrowed.It is smart and funny and had many interesting characters.I love Kirsten Wiig on SNL and she delivered an awesome performance.

Although Rose Byrne character as Helen was very annoying because she was near perfect,it wasn't her fault that Annie(Wiig's character)life was in shambles.But the fact that Helen has a perfect life eats Annie up inside.

I've seen this situation happening in real life because whenever your life is a bit on the sucky side or you have nothing to be happy about,it's easy to envy and hate others who have it all or better than you.But at the end of the day,your greatest enemy is yourself so you have to work on your own life which is what Annie had to do albeit with a few push from some of her friends.

So it was very interesting to see it being played out in a movie and in such a hilarious way.One of the most unexpected and super funny character was played by Melissa McCarthy(the bright & pretty chef,Sookie in Gilmore Girls)as Megan who actually was the that made Annie realize how she's been putting her life on hold and then ended up resenting Helen for it.

There are lots of funny moments that I am very sure won't be allowed in Malaysian cinema.So it's better if you can download it via torrent!:)