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*I change my blog header with another round of random pics I like.But the boyfriend said it was too crowded and that I should choose just one picture.Heck,I like em' all & it was hard to choose!:P..UPDATE:I change it again cos I saw a pic of this super pretty purple flower!*squeals*..haha

There has been lots of things in the news that I just thought I wanted to share with you guys:

1)Have your heard about the 19 year old boy studying at UiTM Perak who burned his girlfriend to death?From the article that I read in The Star,HERE apparently it was motivated out of jealousy..what gives??A crazy world we're living in now!

2)Oh did you guys see the footage on the news about this dude who drove his van on our highway but in the opposite direction and on the right lane at that?CRAZYYYYY!He drove that way for 20 mins or mum thought he was trying to kill himself or something.

3)For someone who did her practicum at her former highschool(SMSK9) for 3 months and actually was also in charge of supervising the sports team that arwah Aminulrasyid was in,it was bittersweet to hear the news that the cop who shoot him will be sentence for 5 years in jail.Read the news HERE.

A great reminder..:)
Sometimes me & my other half have very random conversation.Case in point,a colleague of mine at work who's getting married soon asked me about where she can find a cupcake wedding cake and we googled a few websites online.And it made me realize that it would be great for my own wedding,not that I'm getting married anytime soon,mine you.It would be nice though to have a cake such as the one below.

Look at the butterflies!
BUT the boyfriend was all no no no,a wedding is about 2 people so he gets to choose the cake as well and he wanted a PIZZA!-_-To which I pointed out why don't he be like one of his friends whom during our conversation with him last week,didn't even know what's going on with his wedding as everything is taken care by his relatives & fiancee.

So pretty!
Or like what Monica told Chandler in Friends,all he had to do was show up.ahaha.Really,I think a cupcake wedding cake is better because I want lotsa yummy cupcakes so my guests can get one each.So just one tiny cake for the bride & groom & lots of cupcakes will surround the cake.And they have to have buttercream frosting and no fondant because I want it to be tasty not just pretty..:)

Gorgeous color!
I love green tea and have been drinking the drink,the real bitter loose leaf version without sugar and not the watered down + sweet version many drink company in Malaysia tries to market,ever since I can remember.I think it started when I was 14 or 15 years old.None of my family member share this love with me.

Thankfully my boyfriend and his sister loves drinking green tea as well.A few days back,his mum showed me  this green tea plant that she got from one of her friends who had a Japanese friend living here & plants these in her garden!How cool is that?Now I get to drink fresh green tea!Woohoo.Can't wait for it to be planted in their garden.
Green tea plant
Making the tea!
 Below are some pics from my eats this week!:)
Wonder who proof read Ayam Penyet Ria latest ad?Free Desert?
It's getting hot here,so why would I want my own desert?haha
Takeaway terong magic(also lele penyet not in pic!)
with the boyfriend for our Bridesmaids movie night.:)
Dry wanton for dinner with him at Only Mee
Agedashi tofu,dinner at Jaya Grocer,Empire
We ordered pizzahut while watching Paris Je t'aime  with him &
 it was first time for us tasting this new
 item on their menu:Garlic butter flatbread-YUMMY!
A snap of me & the boyf 'conversation' right after I had
 my minor oral surgery to remove my wisdom tooth..Look at his rather
graphic drawing of him pooping..hahahahaha.
He only wrote--I nak berak dulu bole syg?--cos duh he can talk,not me!hahaha