Recap of Pretty Little Liars and Drop Dead Diva

Sunday, September 11, 2011 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

Firstly how do I managed to watch these series?It is thanks to the boyfriend's super fast far I've watched both seasons of Masterchef US as well which I will blog about soon.Also more past seasons of Top Chef(since I started watching the series from the latest one which is season 8).

Pretty Little Liars(season 2)

One of the main reasons why I actually watch this show is the fact that I love the 4 girls perfectly coiffed wavy hairdo,make up and clothes.They always look so pretty but not in a too perfect kind of way so other girls out there can actually relate to each of their style.

Look closely and you can see that the stylist on the show incorporate new fashion trends into the style of each character.Like Aria wore feathers and even had a strand of her hair turned into a feather that it blended with her hair seamlessly.

I love this particular hair feather look because the feather blended
well with her hair and the color matches as well.:)
Another beauty trend that was featured on the show that even InStyle mag covered in their Sept or was it August issue was the look of mint green nail polish.

Love the pastel nail polish
see how pretty?
 Okay now that I've talked a bit about the style on PLL that I love..let's talk about the story plot this time around for season 2.

Personally I think A is getting so much creepier.A is practically ruining the girls lives in so many devious ways.Like putting steroid into Emily's pain cream and jeopardizing her scholarship.And the whole 'scavenger hunt'by asking the girls to do things in order to save Dr.Sullivan and if you watch the last episode of the 1st half of the second season,you'll know how it ended.

I knew that Jenna & Garret being very shady must mean something.Interesting that Aria had to choose between Jason & Ezra but then we know who is less creepy(hurmmm PLL has a lot of creepy characters doesn't it?).I just hope,judging from the last episode that Ezra manage to come clean with Aria's mum regarding their relationship.

And Ezra's ex,Jackie is such a bitch!urgh...that bitch has got to go.On Spencer front,although Toby is nice and everything,I prefer her with Wren cos' it will heat up things a bit.Plus the fact that he's British and very dishy helps as well..:P

Who the hell is A?If you read the book you'll know who it is,as do I but now as the season goes by,I keep thinking that A could be someone else.Confusing!!But that's part of the charm I guess because it keeps us intrigued.

Drop Dead Diva(season 3)

I love Drop Dead Diva this season because they had A LOT of interesting cases.From a mail order bride scam to a douche football player who rapes girl and then tweets about the number of his conquest.To Stacy being sued over her video blog.

Or one of the best episode was when the girl that Deb hates when she was in a sorority who's that super funny character that I love in the classic old tv show Popular sued a casino for making her intoxicated and spend her money gambling--you'd be amazed on the findings!

I'm glad that Jane might have found a love interest in Owen though I do wish she could tell Grayson that she's Deb because lets face it,they have so much chemistry!And plus his wedding with Vanessa didn't go through and even his relationship with that bar chick didn't pan out!Sigh.

I'm so angry at Stacy for cheating on Fred,the guy who loves her so much and they finally got it together and then she blew him off for a C-lister actor.God!Cannot wait for 2 more episodes to come out!