Wisdom teeth pulled out

Monday, September 12, 2011 Liyana Hanim 2 Comments

So,I had THIS experience all over again but this time it was with a different doctor and it was the wisdom tooth on my right side of the mouth.It was very painful after the anesthetic wore off but less painful than my previous experience because I learned my lesson--meaning when my mouth was numb after the surgery didn't mean that I can talk and talk and chew food because in an hour it will wear off!

 Didn't talk much and communicate with the boyfriend soon after the surgery via pen and paper.It was hilarious because I couldn't talk at all.It was super sweet of him to be there for me and made sure I was alright,and ate a bit of porridge(could only manage 2 spoonful) and drank choc milk(cos' we went to the store & there was no the ready to drink Vico).

One of the sweetest thing was he remembered how I like my blanket to be folded under my feet & did that for me without me asking--the little things does says a lot about a person--, because after I took my meds I doze off to lalaland.

He bought me cheezy wedges after I woke up (hey it's soft so I was able to eat them & plus I texted him requesting for it because when I wake up I was super hungry) and we watched a few episodes of Breaking Bad(man that show is INTENSE!).The doc gave me mc for tomorrow as well.Gonna watch new episodes of Top Chef Just Desserts season 2!

This experience just further showed me that no matter how busy(which he was from early morning until evening)he was, he made time to make sure I was okay and be there for me.He always never ever fail to make me feel love and cared for but today:love and care at its finest..:)


OMG you poor thing! Take it easy and stay in bed until it's all over. Such a horrible thing to have your wisdom teeth removed. Sending you lots of purrs.

Liyana.H said...

thank u ellen!it's my 2nd time..:((
btw what's ur take on d whole Petknode controversy?