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Thursday, September 15, 2011 Liyana Hanim 2 Comments

*All of the pictures here was taken using Razin's ipod touch because I accidentally left my hp the whole day at home cos' was rushing out of the house when he came to pick me up!-__-

Last Saturday,after attending a lunch/beraya session at the boyfriend's friend's house,we went to Wondermilk at Citta Mall Ara Damansara because I've never been there and although I've eaten a cuppacake(the name of Wondermilk's cupcakes,not a typo!) years back,I've never actually sat down at any of their outlets(one in Uptown Damansara & the other a new one in Ara Damansara).

A lot of speculation was made on Twitter a few months back on where will the new Wondermilk outlet be.A lot of people was hoping that it'd be in Shah Alam since there's 3 university in it so it's a no brainer.But surprisingly they choose Ara Damansara & I've to say that Citta Mall looks DEAD.It was the weekend but the place looks EMPTY.Nobody goes there!WRONG LOCATION people!

Nonetheless,I was there for the cupcakes.So I bought 8 of them.2 which I ate with the boyfriend there with a cup of Creme Brulatte for me and cold Butterscotch Milk for him.I choose the cupcakes & went outside to sit while he was waiting for our drinks inside(the place is self service).

My creme brulatte..I prefer Starbucks's version!
The first 6 cupcakes--Clockwise frm top left:Lemon something(forget the name!),Chocolove Orange(my fave!),Caramel Kiss,Peanut Butter Jelly wonder,Royal Vanilla &Oh My Choc.

Boyf's butterscotch milk--super yummy!Should've ordered this!
Now,before we arrived there,I told the boyf about a piece of news that was shared on twitter & blog over the very bad service of Wondermilk at Citta Mall which you can read HERE.I was a bit prepared for it but then the boyfriend was like,'why are we coming here then if the service is bad?Let's go home!'.But I was adamant to give them the benefit of the doubt & to try the food there for myself.Maybe they've improved right??.......

The boyf eating only the choc cupcake.
Imagine my surprise when my man came out from the store & brought our drinks,he told me that the service was bad because the servers at the counter was very BLUR & LEMBAB.I was wondering why our drinks took such a long time.Suffice to say he was very annoyed with their service.

The handsome dude who was treated poorly..:(
So after we ate a cupcake each,I wanted to buy 2 more of the chocolove orange cupcake because it was excellent.I went inside and when I went to the cupcake display to choose the cupcakes,all of the servers at the counter(who are all males),was in a corner near the kitchen & they did not pay attention if there was anybody at the counter!I had to practically shout like 'Excuse me!' to them to get their attention.Sigh.

No wonder the boyfriend said that there was a family who was queuing up before us & the father said..'The service is so lembab isn't it?'..Haiyooo.Wondermilk has got to buckle up because this is SEPTEMBER already & bad reviews about the service at the new outlet has been heard since JULY!

When I brought home the cuppacakes to my family,my dad & my boyfriend(he send me home & he beraya-ed with my family for dinner as well) agreed,along with my mum that the price was way overprice for a tiny cupcake--rm4.50 each.But I would buy it again because although it was tiny,it was very delicious.

My verdict?Great cupcakes/cuppcakes:YES.Bad service:YES.I probably will go there again to buy the cupcakes & go home.haha.


I'm going to avoid it like the plague. Hey, how are your teeth? Hope you're A-OK now.

Liyana.H said...

ellen:hahah u should go at their outlet at Citta Mall & experience it for urself..:P my teeth is getting better though it's weird trying to get used to the stitches in my mouth esp when ur tongue accidentally touches it..glad it will be taken out next week!