Be gratefuI

Monday, October 03, 2011 Liyana Hanim 3 Comments

I will try to be grateful EVERYDAY..:)

I am one of those lucky people because I have a mum and also a boyfriend who are positive individuals.I can be so negative and think the worse of things at times.I get upset/offended over little things when in actual fact you can choose not to be. The boyfriend is so patient with me and always walk me through my various emotions and try to let me see the positive side of things and rationalize things.

He has a very good effect on me because he makes me see things in a different,more positive light. Sometimes it can be a bit annoying because he's almost always right..haha.

But then he has been through stuffs more than I did(being older and whatnot..haha).He's always like, 'okay let's find a way to solve through this'--whenever I have a problem or is upset over something. 

It's much easier to be negative and paranoid than it is to be positive and rationale about things.Especially when at times you see people going through tough times and then you're like,will it happen to me,to us.

But why not instead choose to be positive and look on the bright side of things and hope for the best. After all,if we envision something in our head many times,it will materialize itself and would you want it to be good or bad? 

So after reading an article in a magazine recently,I will try to tweet about what I'm grateful for on that particular day,for every single day of the year.:)) Hopefully I'll stick to it. 

 Because I think as human beings,it is easy for us to focus about what is wrong with our life and whine about it rather than make changes and be grateful for what we have which others might not have. I have great people in my life who loves me and there's no reason for me not to be happy!

True that!
Also I've seen sooooo many girls who are jumping on the macaron bandwagon only to confuse it with macaroon..annoying!Here's a pic from Pinterest to explain the difference--{HERE'S my account there!Come & take a look..:)}


Love macaroons! Not so keen on macarons....

Hey, if you want to feel cheerful, come over to the blog and meet Soup, the turtle...

Zurin said...

You took the words right outta my mouth (yang pasal macaroons vs macarons tu). I've tasted neither, sebab I'm not a huge fan of sweet stuff (unless they're chocolate-based) tapi it really irks me when they mix them up!

Liyana.H said...

ellen:i love both!but i can only bake macaroons than macaron..hehe You have a turtle now??cool!!okay will do!:)

zurin:yes it irks me too!ooo i love all food..cos i like to eat!:P