Come one,come all!:))

Friday, October 21, 2011 Liyana Hanim 1 Comments

To my lovely readers,sorry for the weird spacing in my previous blog post.I'll fix it when I get home because currently I'm still at the office.Yes pity me..:P

Anyhoooo,this upcoming 30th,I'll be selling some of my baked goods--cookies,brownies & maybe candies(if I have the time) at Old Blossom Box Pre-Loved Party!

The owner,Jezmine asked me whether I'd like to join & sell some of my baked goods as she have bought cookies and brownies from me before & love them.So I thought why not since coincidentally I won't be working on the 30th..hurray!:))

Head over to Old Blossom Box this 30th to buy lotsa cool clothes and accesories and also lots of delicious desserts!:)


babe..i am sure ur cookies will be sold out faster than anytgh else!! you bake the best velvet cake, choc chip ever! miss u hunny!!