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Yes I've been bad because I've been neglecting you my blog and also all of my readers out there(though other than my followers,I've no idea who you are..hahaha).Been busy with work,life,family and of course love.;)

WHAT.HAVE.I.BEEN.DOING?Apart from eating,sleeping,working and dating...I managed to catch up with one of my good friends,Izza who came back from NZ after on a holiday there on HER OWN for 2 weeks!Man I wish I can do that but I know my parents(my dad most importantly) wouldn't allow me) won't allow me!
Lepaking w Izza & Chip
The gift that she got for me

I also baked World Peace Cookies from Smitten Kitchen.One of my fave food recipes blog around.The name of the recipe is because it tasted so good that people said it can bring world peace!The recipe was from Dorie Greenspan.
The dark cookies!

Manage to buy a few little items from one of my favorite store around--Old Blossom Box.
Pic taken by Jezmine herself & I took this from her tweet to me.Lovee the necklace & I wear the cuff almost everyday now..:))
Met Jezmine's cat,Saber!So fluffy!!

Made caramel popcorn at home!
Had Dave Deli's with the boyf when we went to OU one night to  find
his bag&ended up not finding anything & decided to order on ASOS.

With them boys during Aie's(boyf's bestie) surprise birthday dinner.
Me wearing OBB necklace!
The passing of Steve Jobs..:((
I baked cheesecake brownies!
I forgot to add the chocolate chips inside the
batter so had to sprinkle it on top instead..hehe

Chocolate + butter!
Cheesecake brownies!yummmmm..:)
Also made spaghetti meatballs for the family & my boyf!:)

Homemade meatballs galore!


 I have more to blog about but time doesn't permit me to do so!Will try to update with more words soon..:)


Alkisah said...

macam nyum nyum je cheesecake brownies