New TV series galore!

Wednesday, October 05, 2011 Liyana Hanim 1 Comments

In the September issue of Instyle,they featured 12 new tv series.From those 12,I managed to watch 3 of it as it's crazy to be able to watch all of them since I have other existing tv shows that I want to watch as well.

So here's the rundown of the new tv series that I'm currently watching along with the new season of some of the existing tv series.



I have to admit that at first the reason I watched this series was because of Zooey Deschanel.She's just beyond adorable in this series.In this sitcom she plays Jess a girl who's boyfriend cheated on her,so she moved out of their house and had to move in with 3 guys because her bestfriend's a model(she's a teacher) so she needs to build herself up.

Jess likes to sing..randomly and she has her own theme song.haha.She's very clumsy and klutzy but of course being Zooey Deschanel,she can make that adorable as well.The 3 guys are funny.In the first episode there was Coach,Schmidt and Nick.

But in the 2nd episode,Coach was replace with Winston,their former roommate(because Damon Wayans had a commitment with another tv show).Judging from the first 2 episodes,I have to say it will probably be a successful show just because of Zooey.

I love the character Schmidt just because he's a douche(they have a douche jar in the house whereby if any of the guys utter any douchy line they have to pay into the jar) but is secretly a softie inside.

I prefer the character Coach than Winston because he was funnier but we'll see where it goes.Overall I love the show and will continue watching it.


This show is a group of witches.Ring a bell??Did anybody remember watching Charmed eons ago?So I'm a bit glad that CW is bringing a show that revolves around younger witches.Also this series is based on the books written by L.J Smith.

The series is about Cassie who upon the death of her mother,had to move in with her grandmother in her mother's hometown and discovered that she's a part of a legacy.The secret circle is about a group of 6 witches/warlocks who comes from different families.

I have watched 3 episodes and it is still vagues what Diana's father and Faye's mother intention really is.We know who killed Cassie's mum at the start of the show but as to why..perhaps it will be revealed in the episodes to follow.

I have no idea if the show will be able to sustain itself or not because almost all of the cast members aren't that well known and plus the plot is weak and it doesn't follow the book much.But the songs used in the series are good though!


As same as New Girl,I have only watched 2 episodes of this series and I like the fact that it's about well,2 broke girls trying to make ends meet.Max played by Kat Dennings is a waitress at a Brooklyn restaurant who's trying to also juggle her job as a nanny to the twins of an upper east sider named Peach(who's equally hilarious!).

Caroline is a socialite who's father was responsible for the Ponzi scheme scandal in NY(if you read the news,this is actually a real scandal) and had to waitress because all of her assets has been frozen,that the only thing she has is a horse.

So together Kat and Caroline lives together and trying to save up money to start a cupcake business.


1)GOSSIP GIRL(5th season)

I have only watched the 1st episode and I have to say that Dan has it baddddd.Chuck is not handling Blair's impending marriage very well.Things seems to be looking up for Serena.While Nate,is Nate.Blair may or may not be pregnant..I think she definitely is by what the seamstress told her in the last scene.Hmmmm..Can't wait for the episodes to come!Especially with Ivy/Charlie's in the picture!

2)90210(4th season)

The new characters in the 4th season are Austin,Jane and Holly.I think the only fun character now is Naomi because of the whole her versus Holly thing.Other than that,nothing much.I've watched up to the 3rd episode and I can't wait for more but that Holly is sure hell bent on destroying Naomi because I guess she's threatened by her but I know Naomi will prevail!

3)HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER(7th season)

I am sorry but after the 7th season,IT IS TIRESOME WAITING FOR WHO THE HECK THE MOTHER IS.It's getting old!!!The boyfriend loathe this series because the jokes are not as funny as Friends.The same things happening allover again in each season.And I have to agree that the formula is getting old and boring.Plus there's more exciting shows now!

4)THE BIG BANG THEORY(5th season)
I like the fact that they're exploring Amy's character more as the episodes goes.Jim Parsons as Sheldon is a good enough reason to watch this show!

As promised--My grateful list for 3rd & 4th Oct...

1)Mama's sambal tumis petai
2)Mama's ikan belah belakang
3)Ah Cheng's assam laksa
4)Boyfriend's patience+love
5)Super tight hugs from the boyf
6)New clothes--a dress,a skirt & a top!:)
7)Instyle October 2011 issue.
8)Junior Masterchef
9)Hanging out a bit with the bestie!



oraite.. dah ada list benda yang nak di download nanti.. thanks ! hehehe :B