Online shopping can be dangerous...

Wednesday, October 12, 2011 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

.....for those of us who have a spending problem..but don't want to admit it.hahaha

I don't shop online that often.Starting last year,I tried to go with my guts and buy a few stuffs online because at first I was a bit skeptical since you never know how they might look like when you get them.

I've bought things from a few online shops/blogshops.Some of them were Honey Pumpkin,Mini Bites & Posh Pheasant(a US perfumer that sells hard to find fragrances!).Recently though,I've been hooked on ASOS ever since boyf's sis told me about it & then I browse the web & waited& contemplated whether should I order anything from the site?It is in Pounds after all so I was a bit apprehensive in spending my money until I found items that I truly wanted.

Our ASOS stuffs arriving soon!:))
So one day the boyfriend's bagstrap broke and he wanted to replace it & his brother suggested ASOS.So I thought,why not shipped our stuffs together?So I bought 3 dresses(1 maxi dress because it's hard to find those that I love here & 2 work appropriate dresses!) along with Korres makeup wipes.Can't wait for the items to arrive.The other 2 things are of course boyf's stuffs..:)

I also ordered 2 items from the website Thepoplook after hearing good reviews from other bloggers.I have to say I was very impressed!The items arrived in 2 days.And when I tried both items on,they fit perfectly.I'm contemplating getting the maxi dress in other colors.hehe.

The 2 items I ordered..:)
I ordered shoes from AGAPE 2 weeks ago but they've yet to arrive but since they're pre-order shoes,they do run a bit late.But looking at the super cool design,I can't wait to get my hands on them.Sadly,they don't have lots of shoes in my size.My feet size is 8 btw which is considered small in US since even Paris Hilton is a size 12!I ordered 2 shoes along with another 2 which the boyfriend's sister ordered with me as well.

Lauren Conrad's Style book
I loveee Lauren Conrad & have all 3 of her L.A Candy books.But I've yet to buy her STYLE book although I've seen it in magazines.I thought they weren't available here but today when I went to MPH,I saw it!And it was only rm44.90!Yeayyy!Haven't had the chance to read it yet and only scan the pages.But it looks pretty good.:)

Baked these cream scones from the recipe on Smitten Kitchen.I added an
egg glaze on top which isn't in the recipe to give it a hint of color..:)
Me & the boyfriend found these awesome cream scones a few months ago & I've tried to replicate the recipe awhile back & I thought I found it but it didn't work. SO,a few days back,I found another one & thought,let's give it a shot.But I tweaked it a bit by adding an egg glaze on top.And if I had to do it again,I'll add an extra tablespoon of sugar.

I made fresh strawberry jam to go with it as well because it tasted so much better than store bought ones.I used these big fat juicy ones for it.Just blend the strawberries sans the leafy parts with some sugar(taste how much sugar you need) and then heat the mixture until they thicken & become glossy,not cloudy.

I wanted to eat more veggies lately because my skin has been a wreck from the crazy work schedule(I don't work the normal working hours peeps!),lack of sleep and being stressed out(I seriously need to go on a vacation!).So I remembered how I read in certain food blogs and even on Masterchef that roasted broccoli and cauliflower taste really good and different than stir fry ones.And it does make a huge difference!

Basically you just mix the broccoli & cauliflower(make sure they're really dry & not wet or not they won't roast properly) with extra virgin olive oil,salt,black pepper,minced garlic+ toasted bread crumbs or parmesan if you want & lay them on a baking sheet & roast in the oven until the top of the veges turned a bit brown.Then take a fork & eat!Yummmmm..

I used a recipe from Alton Brown & it was yummy!