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Okay,so I've been slacking in updating this blog so I thought in order to compensate for that,I'd make a longggg entry & categorize it into parts.Things,Love,Friends and Work!:)


I love pretty things!My overflowing closet is a testimony to that and my shoe filled car shows that as well..haha.As some of you who's been following my blog would have known,I have been meaning to buy Benefit products since quite sometime but never did.

Benefit loveeee!:)

I'm glad I finally did it a few days ago..hehe.Their stuffs are so cute & pretty.I bought the Confessions of A Concealaholic,Powda Wowza and Hello Flawless.Initially I just wanted the Bella Bamba blusher but then it made sense to buy Powda Wowza since it contained 2 of their blusher--Bella Bamba & Coralista along with their Hoola bronzer at a much cheaper price!

The salesperson tried these products on my face & the result was awesome that I just had to buy them..:P The Hello Flawless compact powder has got to be THE best compact powder ever!And I've tried MANY brands--from Loreal,Maybelline,Revlon,Johnson and Rimmel(rimmel mineral comes close second..)

A new cheeky makeup bag from a friend of mine at the office,Sakinah..:))

I bought this sparkly pair of flats because I remembered awhile back that I wanted them but then I decided not to buy them since I have bought 2 pair of shoes already at that store.So when I went last week & saw them there,the LAST pair,I just had to get them.Aren't they sparkly?

Sparkly flats!

Currently I'm watching the second season of Junior Masterchef Australia.Seeing all those talented kids made me want to one day when I became a mother,to hope that I too will be able to raise children who are confident with who they are just like those kids are.I'm a pretty confident and independent person thanks to how my parents raise me as well but raising a kid sure is scary!


Nowadays that both of us are busy and our schedules clash,we try to make time for each other.Previously we see each other everyday and spend time a few hours..nowadays it's every other day and even when we do see each other everyday,it'll be for an hour or 2.

A few days before I helped sayang(okay more like watch..haha)set up his new pc!Previously he had a laptop but then he changed to pc because it will last longer & it has worn out.It's touchscreen!haha Coolness(with a hint of jealousy..:P)

Him trying the touch screen buttons..haha

We managed to spend some down time this week and watched the movie Thank you for smoking.Yes I know it's a pretty old movie but I didn't watch it previously and he wanted me to watch it so we did.Basically nowadays that he's pretty busy,we don't go out much but we spend time at his family's house,having dinner or lunch.

A few nights before we had a lots of pizza..his treat!Yeay!!haha We were a bit awestruck with Domino's online tracking system.When you order your pizza online,you can actually see the when it was on delivering mode,I was like telling him 'syg2 cepat nak sampai dah'..haha.

Tracking our order!



Ever since Izza came back from her NZ trip,I've been hanging out with her.Because previously she did feel a bit neglected because I'm almost 24/7 with the boyfriend.So now I try to make time for my friends as well!hehe.On Friday night I hung out with Izza & Aimi after work at Mukha.Izza asked me to go there since she's meeting someone there.haha..;) They have really nice coffee & a great ambiance.

My latte

The girls!
I got lost as I was going there and had to call Aimi & also the boyfriend for directions.Thankfully I managed to find the place!pheww.BUT,I got lost on the way back from the place to my house & it was pretty scary because I somehow ended up near Restoran Jejantas Sungai Buloh & almost cried to the boyf on the phone.

Gladly he calmed me down & I managed to find my way but I had to rely on my own because half way through our conversation,my battery died!arghhhhhI was working on Saturday at freaking 9am.But after work I managed to meet up with the boyfriend for a bit..he misses me..awwww..:)

Cheesecake brownie batter!

On Sunday I went to Old Blossom Box to drop off Jezmine's cheesecake brownies!Managed to buy a few stuffs.hehe.I just cannot not buy things that she has there!If I do a post on all the things that I got from OBB,it will be long because I have accumulated a lot!

Jezmine went to Big Bad Wolf & got me this book cos' I love purple!

Jezmine's fluffy cat--Debab(plump)!

I bought this super soft blazer for work at OBB

The girls arrived for lunch & I treated them at Homst because I was freakin hungry & it had just rained.The food there was delicious,fresh and fast!:)

Yummmyyy--sweet n sour fish,buttered prawns&baby kailan

I gave Aimi some cheesecake brownies because I made some for my family as well and she loves them!Yeayyy!:)

She loves them!:)

We then head on out to the Big Bad Wolf warehouse sale although at first we were a bit apprehensive about it since it was the last day of the sale and some people tweet/said that there wouldn't be any great books left.But then we were like,everybody read different things so how can you define an awesome book persay?Right?AND WE WERE RIGHT!Boooyah!!!

The girls sifting through their books
We arrived around 3-ish in the afternoon and we found parking easily and didn't have to queue up to enter the warehouse at all.There was so many books that I wanted!!Crazy!!We had to go back and forth to find more books.

At first all of us walkabout looking for books but then we lost each other a few times because there were many people there.So Izza was like,I'll sit down and look at what books I got and then you girls can keep looking.I think me & Aimi went a few times looking for books and we looked everywhere!I am very particular and have to look at all of the books just in case if I miss something great.

So happy I got Reading Lolita in Tehran for rm8!:)

I was estatic when I found 2 books that were on my lists-- MUST READ list-- Reading Lolita In Tehran for RM8 or HARD TO FIND list--Bless Me Ultima.I bought 14 books in total & I don't know how but I manage to fit it in my room..I have close to 200 books already in my collection.No joke!

By the time me and the girls came out of the warehouse,it was already night time!We actually spend FOUR HOURS inside the place!haha.But it was so worth the pretty long trip from Shah Alam to MAEPS..I'm very happy with what I got.

Our ballet flats!Mine's the purple one of course.haha

We had to took the shuttle from the hall to the carpark because it was raining!

All of the books that I got--14!..:))
I finished reading 1 of them,13 more to go!haha

It was awesome spending almost the whole day with the girls!Like Aimi said it was like in a movie because so many things happened that day that I can't blog here.haha.I managed to balanced it out by hanging out with the boyf after I went out with the girls.He gave me flack for buying the Real Housewives book but those women are so addictive!haha.

I hope me & the girls get to do a road trip soon!:))


For those of you guys out there who have data plan instead of prepaid might have had experienced THIS.I CAN SO RELATE TO IT!One night,I forgot to renew my handphone broadband service plan & my data roaming was on until morning without me realizing about it.

And suddenly around 8am I received an sms saying that my bill reached 200+.I was like what??Previously it was like rm80!So I had to pay for it.*sigh*


thanks for being with me for the weekend! memorable! :)

Liyana.H said...

no bigge babe!it ws for me as well!:))

Anonymous said...

that jacket doesn't match the top. u have fancy clothes but u need to style em rite.

Liyana.H said...

anon:ahaha yeppp cos i ws TRYING THE JACKET ON..duh..-_- i wore a pink chiffon jacket that matches it below when i ws holding the booklah!